Konsait Glitter Temporary Tattoo for Girls, 24 Sheets Butterfly Mermaid Fairy Flowers Tattoo Stickers for Kids, Waterproof Fake Tattoos for Birthday Party Favors Goodie Bags Stuffers Party Fillers - REVIEW

  • These tattoos were great quality,last long, easy to do and glittery! Lots of styles as well!
  • These tattoos look great when they first go on! They stay for a long time too, almost too long. They start to fade and then you have to really scrub to get the last of the tattoos off. But my daughter loves them!
  • I bought these for my daughter and she went nuts for them! They are so cute and soooo glittery! I may or may not have put a few on myself!
  • Okay so these are good and bad bc they are hard to get off! They last lol we used nail polish remover to remove them but dang they didn’t want to come off!
  • Absolutely beautiful on!!! I’ve even worn a few -approved by my daughter lol they last at least a week before starting to lift!
  • The media could not be loaded. I actually bought these for myself. I am a 47 year old woman and don’t mind admitting that these are not for my 10 year old daughter or son, rather they’re MINE! Lol. I will share with the kids if they ask though. 😊There are so many and I really love how beautiful the butterflies are with so many bright colors. And the glitter! I adore sparkly, especially glitter. Sometimes I think my kids may be more mature than me.These tats are applied very quickly and easily, too. In fact, I included a video me putting one on. I think it took me longer trying to figure out where to put it than it did actually sticking it on. My video is a little more than one minute long, but getting the tattoo to stick only took about 3 seconds.Have fun! These will be on my feet this summer because I want them to be visible while my cute sandals are on.They’re also great for covering blemishes, scars, birthmarks, and anything else that may bother you (but marks that no one else probably even notices).Do what makes your heart smile and have a splendid day! Xoxo.
  • There are so many different sizes and types of tattoo options ranging in the butterfly, plant, fish, mermaid and glitter tattoos. I entertained my nieces for hours. They’re also very durable. With washes and scrubs they last a good 5-7 days on looking just as vibrant and glittery as day one.
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  • Glitter Temporary Tattoos for Kids: 240+ Pcs temporary tattoos with sparkly glitter style, various designs tattoo stickers for girls favor, assorted butterfly, flowers, fairy, mermaid, unicorn mermaid, vibrant design like hearts, dragonfly, pearl, starfish, jellyfish, Half unicorn Half mermaid, seaweed, shell, Treasure box more little girls favorite characters. Great fun for a butterfly theme party or spring-summer activity favors.
  • Temporary Tattoos Easy to Apply for kids: Just apply with water, kids could do it by themselves, wait for 10-20 seconds, the tattoos will be shown, great for kids to play together and enjoy the share time with their friends. If they want to change, the temporary tattoos are easily removed by rubbing alcohol, body oil, olive oil.
  • Valuable Party Accessories Or Gifts for Kids: 24 Sheets of temporary tattoos are enough for kids to decorate themselves or used as birthday parties gifts, slumber party, gift bag fillers, party favors for kids, party bags and seasonal events like Halloween Party gift fillers, Christmas gifts, summer party kids body decoration, beach pool party, School class Carnival Prizes tattoo mermaid pinata Popular hit with the Kids of all ages.
  • Long-Lasting and Durable: Our temporary tattoos usually last up to 3 to 5 days depending on the applicable area. You can choose from a variety of tattoos, this means that every kid at the party can get a glitter and cute mermaid tattoo.
  • High-Quality Materials and Safe for Kids: These fake tattoos are made of the standard material, no chemical smell and non-toxic. Premium quality material does not cause allergies so you can use the tattoos safely.
  • especially girls aged 3 to 6 years old, and can be worn arms, faces , hands anywhere you want a touch of glamour!
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