Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray Eye Makeup Primer - REVIEW

  • Love the coverage this product provides. I like using it on the lower and upper eyelids. Mainly used for a concealer.
  • The concealer conceals very well without making my skin look white, and it's not drying which was my biggest worry.
  • I love this stuff.I only want to put makeup on once a day and then be done.I also want it to stay in place and not cake up bunch up in creases.This is one of the best eye shadow primers I've found. It is easy to apply with the wand and then smooth out over your eye.I always use my fingers to smooth it out to get the coverage I need but the wand is nice to get it into place.I like that once on my lid and my undereye were my liner goes it stays in place and helps my makeup really stick.There are even some weekend that I wake up with it looking okay enough to run to get coffee on those occasions I don't remove my makeup at night.I would recommend using a one color base shadow on top just to help blending but other than that there are no special application adjustments needed for your favorite shadow.I can't get ready without this stuff.
  • I’ve tried so many different eyeshadow primers, trying to find one that kept my makeup on & looking fresh throughout the day. So many of them crease and get “cakey” looking halfway through the day. I looked up “top products “ recommended by the pros, read all the revIews, and spent a small fortune trying all the #1s.I had just about given up & was ready to settle for the one I had been using, called Sheer Wisdom serum shadow (which I still think is a decent product), until I read a review about Stay Don’t Stray.I thought - ok, this is my last attempt - and I gave it a try. I’m so glad I did.It really does keep my makeup in place and looking fresh all day. It truly gives you that airbrushed look. This is the one facial product that I’m absolutely loyal to, and - not to be corny- but I won’t stray. I am, however, a bit disappointed that Amazon seems to run $10 to $15 more for this product than almost everywhere else. Ulta & Sephora both have it for $26, and QVC has it for $25. Even Nordstrom’s & Saks have it for $26. So I don’t really understand why Amazon seems to average $36 to $39 for the same exact thing.That aside, it’s a terrific product!
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  • Stay put primer for concealers and eyeshadows
  • Packed with ingredients that smooth and hydrate skin
  • Made to work with most concealers and eyeshadow
  • Contains vitamins C&E to fight signs of aging
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