Mysense 3.5Oz(100g) Scar Wax Kit SFX Make Up Special Effects Fake Molding Wound Skin Wax Body Paint Halloween Set Fake Nose Stage Zombie Cosplay Costume SFX Makeup with Spatula - REVIEW

  • This Mysense 3.5Oz(100g) Scar Wax Kit is exactly what you need to make realistic looking wounds and scars.You get a tin of wax and a stainless steel spatula tool. This wax is easy to mold and shape but it holds its shape very well when done. It's semi sheer and takes makeup well. The product page says to use extended oil and sealant but we don't have any and it seems to hold makeup and fake blood just fine even without it.The spatula is fantastic and super helpful for applying and shaping the wax.We have made some eerily realistic looking wounds with this wax. It's great for even amateurs like us.
  • This scar wax can be used for wrinkles, scars, skin lines and pregnancy. It is smooth and I love how fast it works!! Apply on nightly and you’ll see results fast.
  • This putty is easy to use with a tool for application. It was used on my son, and while the tint was not an exact match, it was pretty darn close. The putty is malleable and a cinch to install.
  • This scar wax is awesome!!!It arrived quickly and well packaged.It has no discernible odor unlike latex that stinks!!It molds so well and is so easy to use for making grotesque fake injuries!!!
  • Pros:SFX WaxRealisticFake SkinSafeMoldableOccasionsGiftablePartiesCons:NoneWhat I received in the package:1 x MYSENSE Nose And Scar Wax Set1 x Spatula1 x Plastic Spatula Slip CoverThis MYSENSE Nose And Scar Wax Set product I got for my grandchildren.They love dressing up and like things to look real.They love special effects and are fascinated with the concept of looking hurt or injured but not actually being injured.We are loving this kit.You will have to experiment a bit though.The manufacturer recommends using extended oil, whatever that is.But I have tried both mineral oil and petroleum jelly and they both help to make the wax easier to manipulate.You are able to experiment and after some time you will be able to create realistic looking cuts, scars, bullet holes, etc.I was unable to locate any warranty either in the product information or item description.I appreciate you taking the time to read this.I received this product in exchange for an honest review.All in all, this product worked.Once it has dried it is a bit difficult to get completely off but not so much that it is any trouble.If you have not worked with this type of material before … it will come pretty quickly with trial and error.Hope this information was helpful.[4 Stars]This product is made in China.
  • This is a cool wax kit. It will last me quite a while for occasional use. I actually plan on using this at the tip of hard top wings to make it more flesh tone and blending in for the appearance of real hair. Also the occasional costume make up. I deducted one star because it has paraben and petroleum ingredients and I wish it was more natural. **Thanks for reading my review & hope that it helps make your decision easier**
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  • Special Effect and SFX Makeup:Easy to shape to any realistic looks you can imagine.Scars and gashes,cuts,bullet holes,big wounds,bites,burns,blisters,fast lips,broken nose,bumps,torn face,prosthetics makeup,zombie makeup and any kinds of special effect sfx make up you want.The color of the wax is nearly the same to the human skin,matched and kind to most of skin tones.It seems like you have injured but just need some moment to finish that and to scar your friends.
  • Super Value Capacity:Mysense sfx makeup scar wax set includes 1 pack of 3.5 oz (100g) wax and 1 pack of spatula.It offers a big quantity up to 3.5 OZ(100g),which is a lot bigger than most similar products on the market.It is enough for the whole family to use to get the desired specail effects.
  • Safe,Moderate and Moldable:It is not too hard nor too soft,which will not stress the skin.Can be stayed on the skin easily and manipulate it to you desired look. Use high quality non-irritating material.No harm to skin.
  • Easy to DIY and Remove:Firstly, use the spatual to scrape it out from the container,Secondly,use caster sealer to blend the edges,make it more fit to the skin.At last,shape the look you can add some fake bood or liquid latex or anything you want.To remove,use the spatual to peel off,then use oil-based makeup remover to wash off it.If you are the first time to use this,you can try it out on a small part of your skin.The more practice,the more fun of this DIY work.
  • Perfect for Halloween Makeup and More:Mysense sfx makeup scar wax is perfect for Halloween party makeup,and for those makeup days during festivals,or for TV program specail effects,Stage makeup,Cosplay and Costume makeup,Zombie Make Up,and more.
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