Bowitzki 9 Colors Water Activated Eyeliner Hydra Liner Graphic Cake Aqua Eye Liner Retro Makeup Pastel UV Glow Color Neon Face Body Paint - REVIEW

  • It went on smoothly after I carefully followed the lovely instructions on the back, I made a nice butterfly-flower design for my niece's quinceañera:)♡
  • the lid broke pretty easily but the liners are okay, definitely not water proof but that's a given. the pans are pretty small and two did fall out randomly, however a little glue fixed it. the product does go fast with daily use though. overall great for practice if you dont want to drop money on more expensive liners.
  • Super easy to use. I fully open the palette and drip water on the mirror, then wet the pigments from there. Got lots of compliments.
  • Is there better ones on the market? Yes. Is this one garbage? No. For all my girlies, the ones on the morphs website are higher quality, yes, but these are super cute and get the job done. As with most of not all liquid white eyeliners, the white eyeliner will crackle on ya. However, if you wanna use it for some dots, such as to draw flowers on your eyelids, this will work. Once you get the right consistency, this product does exactly what it claims to do.
  • I use this with a mail tech brush to create very fine lines. Very fun and easy to use, good color options.
  • The media could not be loaded. I love it…it’s very easy I would buy again but in different colors…it has only 9 colors
  • I waited for a long time to decide to get this product, I am very happy I did!! So far this product is super easy to use and the colors are really nice and pigmented. I have not been able to use it long term yet, but from what I have seen, it should last really well through the day!
  • havent used it yet but im excited to! however it did come with some of the pans out of the pallette. everything else is fine
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  • Bowitzki Retro Liners /FX formula delivers a punch of solid opaque colour that glow under UV/blacklight. It’s smudge proof and transfer resistant – your colour won’t fade until it’s removed.
  • Simply moisten a brush or sponge, dip into the color and apply for a versatile amount of looks, from fine detailed lines to full-body art. Great for pro-quality face and body painting.
  • Our retro liners dry to a smooth matte finish and do not smudge or transfer.Available in 9 colors,you can mix colors and create your own unique shades.
  • How to use: Add a small amount of water, dip brush into water (not too much) and then swirl the brush into the pigment and watch the colour pay off!
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