Onyx X-Legs Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer for Instant Tan - Dark Tanning Lotion for Outdoor Sun & Tanning Bed - Tanning Lotion with Hair Growth Inhibitors - Anti Cellulite Oil for Skin Firming - Extreme Body Bronzer Formulated for Maximum Instant Results - REVIEW

  • I noticed a difference the first time using out in sun..great value for the money.
  • This onyx ultra dark tanning bronzer has a good color pay off. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this ultra dark but it does provide visible bronzing effects. I did not see any reduction in my hair regrowth and definitely do not consider this an anti-cellulite oil. Besides these claims I like the product. *Thanks for reading my review & hope it helps make your decision easier*
  • The first time I used this tanner it didn't go on as dark as I expected, it was a shade or two darker, but hardly noticeable.I did use it again.I applied more than last time and got very good results.Not super dark, but it looked really good.I had forgotten I used it a day earlier when I saw myself in the mirror while getting dressed.My skin looked much smoother as it does when tan. I applied it with a tanning glove.It went on evenly with a tanning glove.It is very thick, so I needed to rub it into my skin.This time I didn't wipe it off my ankle bones, top of feet, knees, and heels. There was no discoloration like some tanners. Some tanners leave dark areas.It has many very good qualities.It is moisturizing and you can see where you are applying the product.I am sensitive to scent and I didn't find it bad at all.It had no scent after drying.It took a bit longer to dry than some I have used but not excessively.It arrived in shrink wrap.That is a nice touch as some products leak.I have now used it twice and will continue to use the Onyx as long as it is available.I took off one star because it is not ultra dark.
  • Pros:Hair Growth InhibitorsDark Tanning BronzerAnti-Cellulite OilNatural DHAFor Indoor Or Outdoor TanningMoisturizesHydratesCons:NoneWhat I received in the package:1 x ONYX X-Legs Ultra Dark Tanner BronzerThis ONYX X-Legs Ultra Dark Tanner Bronzer product works pretty well.The smell is relatively pleasant.The tanner can provide a decent temporary shade that can have quite an impact on your glow and tone.It does not last long however.The lotion does tend to glob so you really have to rub it in if you want to try and avoid streaking.I was unable to locate any warranty either in the product information or item description.I appreciate you taking the time to read this.I received this product in exchange for an honest review.All in all, this product can deliver a nice shade change quickly.Use the same caution you would with other bronzers, which is wash your hands after use so It does not stain your palms and cuticles.Hope this information was helpful.[4 Stars]
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  • Extra dark bronzing blend: High levels of DHA, Caramel & Erythrulose allow the skin to develop faster, darker results
  • Dark bronze color: Transform hard-to-tan legs into gorgeous gams with this dark tanning lotion
  • Active hair growth inhibitors: This indoor tanning lotion makes unwanted hair softer and less visible
  • Silky smooth blend: A combo of Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Cocoa Butter leaves your tanned skin soft and fabulous and gives you a long-lasting bronzed look
  • Make-up for your legs: This tanning accelerator works as a body bronzer, it improves the overall appearance of your skin by covering any freckles, veins or imperfections
  • Anti Cellulite Oil: This tan extender lotion helps to improve the texture of your skin for a more toned and tightened appearance
  • Can be used as a sun tanning lotion & indoor tanning lotion
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