Buxom Xtrovert Mascara - REVIEW

  • Awesome thickening and lightening mascara. Stays on well without smearing even though the one I got isn't waterproof but comes off easily with makeup remover.
  • covers well and yet it comes off easily.My daughter rubbed her eyes and it did smear.
  • I love this mascara! I normally used Better than Sex but this formula has won me over. The brush nicely grasps my lashes and coats evenly. I attached a half and half photo for reference. I didn’t find it difficult to remove at all but then again I use something called a makeup eraser towel & that gets even the waterproof stuff off. Overall I think this mascara is great!
  • I have tried a TON of mascaras.Like...all of them.I received this randomly as a sample from something and loved it.The "X" shaped brush really helps fan out and lengthen lashes.I would recommend this to anyone.
  • This is a great mascara that’s blaaack lol! The wand is unique and grabs each lash. Works great on the top lashes. Not so much for the bottom because it’s really liquidy and the applicator is kinda big for the bottom lashes. It also didn’t flake which was great!
  • I never used Boxom mascara before. This one camedry. When I opened the tube, large amount of product stuck to the wand so I had to wipe it on a paper towel. The it applied fine. It has lifting and thickening effects for sure and comes off with water resistance makeup remover.
  • I could tell in one coat that my lashes were lifted and much more visible than without. So, I had to use a second coat just to see how much better my lashes look. I wasn't disappointed.
  • I have zero lashes and so for any mascara to work it has to be amazing and well this one works.I like that it is easy to apply and I don't really have a hard time using the wand.Since I have hardly any lashes mascara is extremely hard for me to use so I am thrilled that this worked so well.It doesn't clump, and the mascara glides on evenly.I am a fan.
  • This mascara delivers on its promise to provide lashes that look much longer and thicker. The wand is unusually shaped, but it works well to deliver the right amount of mascara. It is easy to hold, too. I didn't find the formula was prone to clumping. I am used to applying mascara to the tiniest lashes with the end of the wand, but this product works best if applied with the full wand across the length of both top and bottom lashes. My only issue is that it is hard to remove.
  • A little clumpy formula but overall good for making the eyelashes longer and more prominent. I recommend it.
  • I love Buxom mascara and to my disappointment the mascara was not what i ordered but an old used mascara!
  • This is the absolutely best mascara I have ever used in my 75 years. Hod bless the makers
  • I love this mascara! My wedding day was kind of a mess. I didn’t have time to put on fake eyelashes. A friend of mine had this and let me use it, and my lashes looked amazing! I don’t have long eyelashes and this added so much length and thickness! I HIGHLY recommend this!
  • This Buxom XTROVERT mascara has a dramatic effect even with one or two passes, the black is very dark.The applicator is large, carries a lot of product, and it's on the wetter side, so it's harder to use them on bottom lashes.I didn't experience any clumping or flaking.You do have to use eye makeup remover to get all of it off at the end of the day.It's made in Italy.
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