LA PURE Waterproof Eyeliner Stamp - 2 Wingliner Black Make Up Pens, Vamp Style Wing, Smudgeproof & Sweatproof, Perfect Cat Eye Look, Winged Long Lasting Liquid Eye Liner Pen, Eyeshadow, No Dipping… - REVIEW

  • I love this eyeliner. I can use the stamp and fix what needs to be tweaked . But, the stamp curves up ever so slightly on the very end, and that works for the right eye, but not so well for your left eye. That eye would them curve down and you have to over adjust to make it look even. So, yes it's smudge proof, water resistant and stays on all day, but you do need to work it out to what works best for you and your eye shape with the actual stamp portion of the product.EDIT: in reading other peoples review, I found out there is a left and a right eyeliner. I didn't realize this as my daughter had one and I had the other one in our purses. I take back the bad things I said. I do love this liner.
  • Wing stamp is perfect.Package comes with 2 markers- one for each eye.Fine-tip pen on one end of each marker for precision-wung stamp on other end.This stuff dries quickly and does not budge or flake.
  • The black eyeliner is an absolute game-changer, delivering intense pigmentation and precise lines for a stunning eye look. Its smooth application glides effortlessly, making it a must-have in any makeup collection. Paired with the eyeliner wing stamp, achieving the perfect winged eyeliner has never been easier; it's a foolproof tool that guarantees flawless results every time.
  • Works as described, very easy to used.Did not smudge, or run even in hot weather.
  • I work 12 hour days and I'm happy to say I don't even have to apply a second time! Solid good eyeliner!!
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  • No more winging it: Now Available in 8mm! Get a perfect, consistent finish every time with our winged eyeliner stamp. Don't waste time freeform drawing wings that might look different from eye to eye and need to be redone. Simply stamp on your wings, and you're done! Make wings the quickest and best part of your makeup routine!
  • Smudge-proof & water-resistant: Nothing ruins a good makeup job like a smudge, but finally, you no longer have to worry about your wings getting smudged. Our stamp delivers smudge-proof, long-lasting wings, guaranteed. Plus, there's no need to worry about getting caught in the rain or pushed into a pool-your wings are 100% waterproof. Go ahead, be spontaneous!
  • Eye-specific stamps: Each box comes with 2 pens, 1 for each eye. Each stamp was specifically designed to best suit each individual eye, giving your wings a perfect, consistent shape with each application.
  • Double-sided pens: In addition to the eyeliner stamp, each pen has an eyeliner pencil on the other end. You'll always have an eyeliner pencil handy, and it's one less thing for that crowded makeup bag!
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