COVERGIRL Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner, Black Vinyl, 0.08 Fl oz - REVIEW

  • Extremely Long-lasting; easy straight, even lines; no skipping or clumping. Applies over other liners evenly; easy to do intricate, layered looks. Sure there are better eyeliners out there - but you’ll be spending a small fortune to get them. This is an instant staple.
  • As someone who does eyeliner everyday and has tested multiple products this is the absolute best
  • I have used this product for over 2 years and in the main, really like is the easiest to apply of any I have used.However in the last 3 months my eye lids have become increasingly itchy. I am concerned I may becoming allergic to it.I would like to know if this is a hypo-allergenic product?Thanks for more info on this.Carole
  • I have used liquid eyeliner for I'd say a good 30 years.Always done on my top lid.I love how smoothly this liquid eyeliner goes on.A BIG plus is the design of the eyeliner itself.It is so easy to grip.The color is awesome (I have both black and brown.). I just can't get over how nicely it goes on and how it lasts.I always use a Q Tip to remove excess and it's super easy to do with this liquid liner.No more expensive Nordstrom eyeliners for me.I am definitely sticking with Cover Girl Get in Line Liquid Eyeliner!Why spend $$$ on something amazing that does just as great of a job if not better?
  • Easy to remove with makeup wipes. Stays on long without flaking. No smears. Will buy again.
  • It smudges easily till it drys, but it drys pretty quickly, but a issue is the brush tip messes up at the end a little before you run out but it gets its job done and works pretty well.
  • I’ve been using this for years to draw individual hairs when I groom my brows. It can smear if you touch it so it always set it with setting powder. People constantly ask if I tattoo my eyebrows, or they just can’t figure out what they’re looking at because the thin hairs blend in so seamlessly
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  • 0.1 mm feather-fine tip for a fine line
  • Contour-grip handle for precise application
  • Long-lasting, quick-dry liquid eyeliner
  • Removes easily with soap and water
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