IT Cosmetics Superhero No-Tug Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick - Longwear, Blendable Cream Eyeshadow with Built-In Primer - Suitable for Sensitive Eyes - 0.05 oz - REVIEW

  • I have ordered this a couple of times. I really like the color and it is so easy to put on and it lasts a long time.
  • The media could not be loaded. I’m in love. The stick goes on really easily and smoothly on my small deep set hooded eyes. There’s no smearing. Once it goes in, it’s on. Alert several hours there’s a little creasing. I’ve never had eyeshadow that didn’t but at least this doesn’t wear off it’s still beautiful after a full day.Silk armor is a light bronzy colorPassionate pearl is a neutral white pearl color.Tenacious tawny is an orangey reddish brown. It reminds me of the deserts in Arizona.Courageous cream has a lot of yellow in it. I use it as a concealer on my lids when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup. The yellow in this cancels out the reddish purple coloring on my lids. I wouldn’t wear it as a highlighter.
  • Was in Ulta a couple weeks ago and was shown these eyeshadow sticks and left with three of them: the sparkly white, the amethyst and the silk armor which is a sparkly light orange.I bought them because they were completely waterproof, meaning they wouldn’t crease and I always have problems with my right eyelid creasing.I had low hopes, actually, that I would be able to figure out a look, but I was STUNNED to find out the next morning that just the white all over and the silk armor in the crease was BEAUTIFUL.That’s all I needed, took me 5 seconds.I added a matte light color on the lid and below the brow which accentuated the silk armor which turns out to be a gentle, light, subtle shade of pinkish orange—no matter how I describe it, it sounds awful, but believe me, no one was more shocked than I at how it looks.I wear a medium shade of foundation, I’m pretty neutral but on the warm side, have green eyes and blond/brown hair.I am 61 and was scared of the sparkles, but they are truly age defying.I’d only seen it demonstrated on the back of the young salesperson’s hand, not on my own slightly wrinkled eyelids, but thought it would make a pretty liner color if nothing else.I find it’s my quick go-to and now my makeup, which used to take 15 mins and I still wasn’t happy with it, takes 5 seconds, no kidding, and we are done and happy.Gone are the days of washing my face and starting over because I got something too dark!I was so happy with my purchase at Ulta that I went in search of more colors on Amazon, as Ulta was out of most of their colors, and ended up spending a small fortune on many more.Not one is a disappointment.I put all my powder shadows away, with the exception of the matte light “white” and a shade for lining under my eye.I even use the sparkly white to line my bottom waterline which serves to kind of prime my lower lashes so my mascara sticks better and opens my eyes wider making them look bigger, and it never fades.My lid is bulletproof all day long, which is 12-15 hours, and I fully expected my waterline to be worn because even waterproof black liner wears off my waterline, but the white stays put.I couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchases and having spent LOTS of money on trying to find the perfect color combo in powders, let alone the pain of having to prime and set and still have creasing, I am happy to spend the money these cost as they are worth every cent.The purchases I made on Amazon were identical to the purchases I made at Ulta and the price was the same.My nearest Ulta is 100 miles away and considering their low supply, I was thankful to have found them on Amazon.Please never stop carrying them and IT Cosmetics, never stop making these!I have tried other sticks in the past, including Bobbi Brown, but nothing compares to these for me.
  • I love how easily this glides on! The pigment stays all day- little to no build up at the crease as with other eye shadows! Can’t wait to try other colors
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