DF Cluster Lashes 144 Pcs D Curl Individual Lash Clusters 10-16mm Mixed DIY Lash Extensions Soft Volume Individual Lash Extensions Self-application DIY Lashes at Home - Rose 2 - REVIEW

  • Amazing pack of lashes worked perfectly for me. They were soft and kept perfect shape. Lasted me a while too.
  • love this product. The lashes are lightweight and reusable, my absolute favorite I have tried!
  • 10/10 once I use up the ones I have I’ll repurchase. I only used them for my bottom lashes, I wish they had a whole case with brown 8mm so bottom lashes can look more natural but regardless they’re so cute and easy to work with.
  • Love them they look just like lash extensions these are my new favorite lashes there nice and curled just like I like them.
  • I don’t usually like a dramatic lash, but these are gorgeous. They are long and have a really nice curl to them, even when you use the shortest ones in the set. They were easy to remove from the tray without damage, and I was able to apply them easily which is what I love about clusters, so much more manageable than a single lash strip or individual lashes. I put them under the lash with a good lash glue and they stay on a couple of days if I don’t sleep right on top of them. The next morning they get a little flat but I was surprised to see how well these held their curl. They didn’t shed too much either, although a little shedding is inevitable.
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  • Two Styles In 1 Box: There are two styles of lash clusters in 1 box. 10+12+14+16mm mixed length eyelash clusters. You can match different lengths and shapes to your liking. 1 box of individual lashes is enough.
  • Easy To Apply: Dreamflower DIY eyelash extensions have super soft and wide stem and they can be applies easily. Depending on the shape and length of your eyes, 4-6 cluster lashes per eye are sufficient.
  • No Felling When Applying: 0.1mm super thin lash band will not stab your eyelid when you apply and blink eyes. The eyelash band adopts the line closing technique instead of the hot melting technique, so the stem is softer than traditional individual lashes. At the same time, the cluster lashes will not fall apart when picking up from the strip or taking off from the eyes.
  • How to Apply DIY Lashes: Apply a thin layer of cluster lash glue under the natural lashes and waiting 30-40 seconds for the glue to dry; Take lash clusters off the strip by grabing them at the root. Then apply the eyelash clusters underneath your natural lashes 1mm away from your eyelid and do not touch your eyelid.
  • Bring Home the Lash Extension: In just 3-5 minutes you can get a pair of eyelash extensions that are comparable to salon extensions. Our individual eyelashes can be used for 3 times under the proper care and clean. With the skill improves, you can diy a pair of attractive eyes in less time.
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