DHC Eyelash Tonic 0.21 fl. oz.6.5ml, Clear, 0.22 Fl Oz - REVIEW

  • I recently permed my lashes for upcoming vacations so I didn't have to deal with mascara on the beach. If you've ever done a perm of any kind, you know they they are a big aggressive so my lashes were wanting a bit of love after the abuse. This product has been absolutely lovely for this purpose. My lashes are soft and supple again and there is an added bonus of it acting as a sort of clear mascara. As you can see from the photo, which I took right after application, the product gives your lashes a wet look and makes them pop even more. I apply this at least once a day if not twice.*I am not advocating that this is some type of miracle grow serum and to be very clear my lashes were already this length. It does however offer great conditioning.
  • I love this product because it is a gel, lightweight, and moisturizing for your lashes. I use it in addition to my lash growth serum Babe Lash. I only use the DHC lash tonic to condition and strengthen my lashes, not for growth. Obviously the healthier your lashes the better they grow but you need an actual lash growth serum to see results. Other lash conditioners are heavier oils like castor oil and have essential oils which I don't think are safe or gentle to use. DHC lash tonic has no scent, no irritation, and is great under mascara or use alone. It's great for you lashes after lash lifts. I don't know why you would use it with extensions on though as I've seen asked in comments! As for it getting cloudy, it's still fine. Just make sure to use it in a year after opening.
  • This is the only product that has actually made my lashes grow. I almost don’t want people to find out about it so it doesn’t run out!
  • I’ve been using this for a little over a month now religiously in the morning and at night. This actually has helped my eyelashes grow, compared to grande lash and the ordinary lash serum. At the base of my lashes I can see the growth with this stuff. It does take about 10 mins to fully dry completely so I try to space out my skincare with my makeup which gives it time to dry. Overall I love this product and would definitely would repurchase!
  • It really works, I don't know why but it does! I will be buying it again!
  • As a non-makeup user and a rare reviewer I logged in expressly to share high praise for this product. I’m genuinely impressed with how quickly and effortlessly this enhanced the appearance and density of my eyelashes. Since I spend so much time now on webcam I decided to invest a bit more in my appearance. I was shopping for clear mascara and came across this, figured it will be a healthier alternative.After about a week of spotty usage I noticed a difference, which encouraged me to see how it’d look with consistent application. Another week later and I’m convinced this will be a keeper for life! Definitely in the top 10 of products I would recommend.
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  • DHC Eyelash Tonic is a conditioning eyelash gel that strengthens eyelashes and helps prevent breakage.
  • This targeted treatment helps lashes become stronger and stay intact while allowing new growth.
  • Conditioning gel made with ginseng, comfrey, aloe and Swertia japonica.
  • Wear this colorless lash serum under mascara during the day or alone for overnight conditioning.
  • Fragrance and colorant free. Ideal for brittle lashes and post-extension care.
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