Lilly Lashes Miami Flare 3D Mink Lashes - False Eyelashes Natural Look - Mink Eyelashes for Wispy Lashes Natural Look - Reusable Fake Eyelashes up to 25 Wears - Volume and Fluffy Eyelashes for Wispy Eyelashes - REVIEW

  • I really enjoyed the product it made eyelashes look natural looking.Good quality and look amazing
  • For those unfamiliar with Lily they offer Mink 3D and Faux Mink, this is the FAUX MINK version which wasn't specified. Still good just not as good quality as the Mink.
  • If you like bold drama look this is super cute. It’s not a natural looking lash but beautiful shape that frames the eyes open. Adorable when dolled up.
  • It is a complete understatement that these miami flare lashes are hands down the most georgous pair of lashes I have owned. If you're like me, an asian woman with hooded eyes that loves a nice dramatic lash, then these are for you.The only bad thing about this was that I was able to wear these about 5 times before the band started separating from the lash hairs. It may look like a tiny amount of lifting but it will eventually make the whole lash come undone, I hate when this happens because it eventually ruins the whole lash! For a little background, I am gentle with these lashes (i am not rough with them, so it wasn't my fault (i hope) that the band started to separate). Rather than ripping them off my eyelids after use, I use an eyelash glue remover (velour) to help soak them off. I then clean the glue off the lashes with the same velour lash glue remover with a q-tip after every-other use to make sure germs/bacteria doesn't build up. Compared to other high end lash brands, this only starts happening after 20+ wears, so this took me a little by surprise, considering the cost of the item. I am a bit disapointed, but I probably just got a faulty Item.Overall, I reccommend this product because it is just stunning
  • These magnetic eyelashes are amazing. They are made of good quality and stay on all day. These lashes are worth the money.
  • I get so many compliments when I wear Lily lashes! They last up to 25 uses. Sometimes even 30.
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  • Cat Eye Lashes: A sweet & sexy spin on our best selling '3D' mink lash style "Miami"- meet her bestie "Miami Flare"! The same exact style "Miami" we all fell in love with, only instead of being a round lash, it is a flare eye or winged out lash to lift the eye for a gorgeous cat eyed effect!
  • 3D Mink Lashes: This 3D Mink, flare shaped, wispy set of false lashes is ideal for adding the perfect amount of length and evenly distributed medium volume for a naturally, fuller lash.
  • How-to-apply & reuse: Comfortable, lightweight adhesive strip lashes. Customize your lashes to your eye shape. To remove, securely grab the inner corner of the band to pull off the lash and put lashes back in the high-quality storage case. Wear lashes up to 25 times. Do not wash. (Lilly Lash Adhesive sold separately)
  • Handmade with Care: 100% handmade false eye lashes. Non-irritant. Quality hand-picked 3D lashes.
  • Natural Looking Eyelashes: Our natural false lashes focus on comfort while blending seamlessly, giving you a natural look.
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