Devoted Creations MERMAID MAJESTY Cooling Bronzer - 12.25 oz. - REVIEW

  • I loved it. And the cooking effect made it a more relaxing tanning experience bc it sure does get hot in there. And for me to leave a review it's a big deal.
  • I liked the cooling tingle, but I don't think this stuff helped to enhance my tan much at all. It's more of a maintainer.
  • Smells good. Gives even color. Just wipe off your hands after applying or it will stain. Love the cooling effect bc some beds get really hot.
  • I bought this after discovering they no longer made my favorite cooling lotion from Australian Gold. I get very hot when I tan to the point that I am usually lying in a pool of sweat after my tanning session. I began using this lotion and I no longer sweat while tanning! I instantly notice the cooling sensation when I put it on.The lotion is a soft brown color but it isn't as thick as some of the other lotions I have used. I haven't noticed any transfer from the bronzer onto my clothes so that is a plus. I also think it continues to develop the tan after the session because I seem to get darker as the day progresses.The smell is kinda, eh and I don't think it has the same kind of skin-deodorizing ingredients as some of my other tanning lotions, but I like the results of using this lotion so I will continue to purchase it.
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  • Perfectly hand crafted DHA bronzer to allow for just from the beach color every time.
  • Counteracts orange tones in skin to provide deepest bronzed results with Blue Tansy flower extract.
  • Hawaiian Seaweed & Starfruit provide powerful antioxidants and nutrient rich skin conditioners.
  • Sea Buckthorn Berry.
  • Cooling essence to give the body a fresh feel after each tanning session.
  • Fragrance: Sea Island Sparkle
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