DIY Lash Extension Kit, Crislashes Cluster Lashes Kit with 168 PCS Cluster Lashes 8-16mm Mixed, Super Strong, Lash Bond and Seal, Cluster Lash Applicator, Reusable Lashes Cluster Kit Home Use (KIT 03) - REVIEW

  • Listen!! I am so happy I decided to purchase these! I’ve never been able to put lashes on correctly.. these are super easy to apply!!! I love the way they look like lash extensions that I’ve paid so much money for in the past. I’ll probably never go to another lash tech again now that I found these !
  • I used two different sets of lash clusters for this look. The 2 outter clusters were a different brand (slightly thicker), and this brand of lash cluster for the rest of my eyes. These clusters made my lashes look fuller and longer without losing the more natural look of lashes. To get this fuller look, I actually added 2 more clusters just to the center of my lash line. The clusters were easy to pull off the sticky strip without ruining them, and feel good on my lids (light vs heavy and pokey). Love these! Will purchase again.
  • The media could not be loaded. I absolutely love these! They are so cute, quick and easy. I love how you can chose any length and mix them to create a fun and flirty look or a sexy dramatic look. Hopefully my comment is helpful.
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  • CLUSTER LASHES KIT: 168 pcs cluster lashes enough to use longer time than others. Super strong lashes band. And contains 1 lash bond and seal, 1 cluster lash remover, 1 cluster lash applicator. Mix Length 8-16mm:(8mm*1,10mm*2,12mm*4,14mm*4,16mm*3). You can easily apply cluster lashes at home.
  • LASH BOND AND SEAL: Suitable for sensitive eyes. Lash bond with mini brush can apply evenly without affecting the reuse of cluster lashes. Mild formula. Lash seal can lock bond and lock beauty. Use the cluster lash applicator to get a better pick up of the cluster lashes.
  • EASY TO USE: Brush your natural eyelashes with the cluster lash bond. Then gently use lash applicator place the cluster lashes under your natural lashes. Finally, apply lash seal on lashes to lock bond. You can use Crislashes cluster lash remover to remove the cluster lash glue.
  • CREATE CHARMING EYES LOOK: You can choose different lengths that suits you according to your preference. The lash clusters feel nothing on the eyes. Save time going to the salon. Create the different eye effects you want!
  • FRIENDLY AFTER-SALES CUSTOMERS SERVICE: As a professional lash extension manufacturer, our cluster lashes kit, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you!
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