Glow in The Dark Glitter Gel, Concerts Music Festival Rave Glitter, Eleanore's Diary 12 Colors Sparkling Mermaid Body Eye Lip Hair Glitter for Women, UV Holographic Face Chunky Glitter Gel for Makeup - REVIEW

  • Easy to put on, and it does glow. Clean up just takes time! The pots are small but I used only a bit and had plenty of sparkles on my face. (Used for a glow party.)
  • This gel doesn't glow there are flakes of foil in it that does but it glows very well I have used it on my makeuplooks as well as nail designs without problem.
  • We used these at Halloween, and they did not disappoint. They were fairly easy to apply with a little patience. The coming off part, not so much. Probably best if you have a makeup remover instead of just water. These are super pretty even in the light before they glow.
  • I like this glitter for the body, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing it on my eyes because the pieces are too big and they are uncomfortable! It is also a little hard to get off! However, these are fun and I love that they glow on the dark!
  • I keep sending my friend's toddler glitter. SHE LOVES THIS! My friend, her mom? Is getting on board with the glitter. Toddler recommended!
  • The product was great but it was much smaller than expected.There was not much glitter in each holder.The glitter was easy to wash out and to put on.
  • This chunky glitter gel was perfect for Halloween. During application you want to take your time when applying the gel. It can easily cake in one area and be a little difficult to spread out. Using your finger seems to work best to spread the gel. It is extremely thick so it doesn’t glide on as easily as your typical glitter gel. It does leave your skin feeling a little heavy and thick, but overtime you forget about it. Removing it wasn’t as difficult as you may think, but it did take a little bit of more effort and time. The glitter does glow but it wasn’t extremely vibrant. Overall, this glitter set is a fun variety for your glittering needs.
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  • ✨【No Primer or Adhesive Required】Our luminous body gel glitter can provide you a hassle-free application experience. These glitters are sticky glitter makeup gels that simply apply on the skin and it sticks to it, dries quickly and lasts for a long time. They can be easily cleaned with makeup remover and water.
  • ✨【Face Glitter for Music Festival】12 kinds of sequin glitter gels in different colors can meet the different makeup looks you need in any party or scene, mix them according to your imagination and usage preferences to get more diverse makeup effects. These glitters can stay for a long time, suitable for all kinds of festivals, rave parties, carnivals, halloween costumes, makeup dress up, show dress up.
  • ✨【Favorite of Body Glitter Lovers】In addition to various festival stages, this chunky glitter gel can also be widely used in everyone's daily life. You can apply them for shimmery eye shadows, cheekbones highlights, lipgloss, shimmer on collarbone, shoulders and nails. Whether it's on a date or everyday dress up, body makeup, face painting, manicures, try it on.
  • ✨【Glow in the Dark UV Gel Glitter】Makeup glitter blends thick holographic glitter, fine small glitter and hexagonal sequins for bright colors. Glowing glitters can emit a bright glow after absorbing light and glow perfectly in the dark, especially in UV light with an excellent glossy effect. Suitable for night dances parties, clubs, costumes, themed parties, etc. (Hint: it doesn't emit light by itself, it needs to absorb light to emit light. You need to put them in the light for 10-20mins)
  • ✨【Long-lasting Glitter Effect】If you are looking for some shimmering gel glitter to help you create a sparkling and beautiful look, this is just right for you. Whether it's day or night, it's easy to create an eye-catching look in a crowd. Gentle on the skin, suitable for all ages and all skin types, you can use as much as you want.
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