296pcs Manga Individual Lash With Glue Anime Lash Clusters With Glue Eyelash Extension Natural Look 11-12-13mm False Eyelashes 4 in 1 Wispy C Curl Cat Eye Mink Lashes Reusable - REVIEW

  • gorgeous but its kind of short, not easy to see on camera but very nice up close! not very dramatic if thats what youre looking for
  • I like this little kit. The glue worked great for me. For all the kits that make me buy my own glue, this kit gets 5 stars just for that!!
  • I’m not really sure this style of lash is for me but I’m sure there is a market out there for this look but it’s too new age for me personally. Let’s talk quality though. This set comes with glue and tweezers along with single lashes for your bottom lash line as well. I love those and will definitely be using them. The lashes have a very nice thin band that forms easily around your natural lashes without irritating your eyes. The glue is decent but I prefer another brand. I would recommend them.
  • Love the way these look. The variety in the pack makes it really easy to get a good, almost natural look with these false lashes. easy to use.
  • I have never used eyelash extensions before but have been curious and wanted to give them a try.As a first time user it took me a little practice (ok a lot) to apply these but after I got the hang of it I have to say I am really impressed.They look pretty good for a newbie (sorry my pic didn't turn out).They stayed in place so that was good and they looked natural, which is the look I like.I am going to keep playing around with them as I do like them and I like the way they fill out my rather thin eyelashes.Thanks!
  • This is a gorgeous set of lashes. I have used these with multiple types of lash glue and each time the results have been stunning. This is for a more precise application, the clusters are on the small side. All of the lashes are the same length - this makes it more challenging to create a complete look with just this pallet of lashes as the lashes on the inner corner of the eye are typically shorter lash for a finished look. This may just be a personal preference and is not a deal breaker.The lashes are comfortable and did not have any shedding while wearing.I would definitely purchase it again.
  • These the lashes were so natural looking they went on with ease. It didn’t take long I highly recommend this product.
  • These lashes were very soft and very easy to install they lasted me a good two weeks without any reapplication and it causes no irritation to my eyelids I definitely recommend and it gives off a very foxy I look!
  • I am beginner with lashes, but I really wanted to try them out. I found that these lashes were pretty easy to work with and stayed in place throughout the day. I’m not sure how they would hold up over an extended period of time, because I removed them at the end of the day. This set has a good variety of lengths to custom the look. I would recommend it, espy if you’re new to lashes!
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  • DIY individual clusters - 296 clusters in one tray. You can apply cluster lashes at home by yourself. Easy to put lashes on, gorgeous results, and lash clusters are not easily fall apart. Cluters take less time to complete each eye.
  • Premuim Faux Mink - cluster lashes look real, not plasticky, and reusable with proper care. Easy to take off and these individual eyelashes will not be broken when getting them off the backing with tweezers. The lash clusters extensions last for weeks. Soft, lightweight, vegan, knot-free, and matte dark.
  • Easy To Apply - Use a tweezer to pinch the band of cluster eyelashes and apply lash clusters below your natural lashes. You can barely feel the cluster lashes. The bottom of the clusters is flat and hardly noticeable. The lash band part will not stab your eyelid area when you blink. Bring you a perfect experience during lash application.
  • New Featured Style - The individual cluster lashes are great for a natural look or glam look. You can apply silk cluster lashes in ascending order which gives a nice cat-eye effect—different sizes for different sections to choose from. The individual lashes blend effortlessly with other lengths and your own lashes and match more possibilities.
  • For Any Occasions: Depending on the shape you want, you can get different effects such as extended, open eyes, cat eyes, dramatic eyes, etc. It is a natural choice for work, birthdays, parties, travel, and other occasions.
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