Eyebrow Pomade - Waterproof Brow Pomade for Long-lasting Results,Smudge Proof and Sweat Resistant Formula,Natural Eyebrow Makeup for All Skin Types and Tones - Medium Brown - REVIEW

  • I used to only use a expensive brand of eyeliner because it was the only one that would actually be waterproof but i am so glad i found this one!!So easy to use , great color and longlasting
  • I was previously using the dark brown eyebrow pomade however, it was a little bit too dark for my skin and hair color.Then, I when I saw this soft brown pomade here on Amazon I had to try this color of eyebrow pomade out.And I am glad I did because I like this eyebrow pomade on the soft brown color since it is easy to apply, it is not waxy or greasy, it has a smooth powdery consistency, and the color matches my skin color way better than the dark brown pomade.Additionally, I don’t need to use too much eyebrow pomade, a little bit goes a long way.I find better applying just a little bit on my eyebrows then I check to see how my eyebrows look on both sides.Because I can always build up and apply a little bit more in case one of my eyebrows gets fuller than my other eyebrow and it happens quite often to me. ☺️I have been using this eyebrow pomade since May 25, 2023 and you can see from my pictures that I still have a good amount inside the little glass container of eye brown pomade.I just need to say a few more things, it has a good pigmentation for the color that shows on the bottle and it is smudge-proof however, it is not waterproof.At the end of the day when I shower and wash my face to remove my makeup to sleep clean and let my skin breathe, the eyebrow pomade comes off right away with a gentle skin cleanser.I don’t need to apply any strong makeup remover to remove the eyebrow pomade and I am glad about that because I don’t like using very strong products on my face.Therefore, I like this eyebrow pomade because it is easy to apply, is smudge-proof and as long I don’t wash my face, my eyebrow pomade will stay on.
  • The season for sweating off your brows has commenced, but this brow pomade stays put!I was a little worried that the soft brown color would come off as too ashy, but it was just right.Survived mowing the yard, trimming shrubs, and exiting a half gallon of sweet tea out my forehead and over my brows without moving.Stays put!Easiest to apply with a stiff, angled brow brush (for me, anyway).Also tends to keep hair in its place while you mow, sweat, and/or just sit and look pretty.Great value - my old brand of brow pomade was very expensive in comparison, but this does the job equally well at a really great value.I'm very happy with it - will not leave the house without my brows, and this keeps them going in warm weather.Can recommend!
  • Sadly, my eyebrows are thinning so I decided to try filling in. I like that I only have to use a little bit of this. It goes on easily and lasts. It's such an improvement to have my eyebrows back. lolI hope this review helps and that you have a wonderful day!
  • I love that this is a powder in pencil form. It blends flawlessly without much effort. I sometimes use it as a liner too!
  • This eyebrow pomade is easily applied with a stiff angle brush. I shape my eye brows afterward with a spoolie and they have nice hold all day while also filling in any thinner parts of my eyebrows that somehow survived my teen years in the 00’s. A little goes a long way. This little jar should last me forever. I’m really happy with it.
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  • 【Waterproof Brow Pomade】: LAVONE eyebrow pomades features a waterproof and smudge-proof formula,provides longlasting hold that keeps your brows looking smudge-free.
  • 【Long-lasting and Smudge-proof】: LAVONE eyebrow dip stays on all day, keeping your eyebrows looking flawless without the need for frequent adjustments, ensuring eyebrow makeup remains perfect.
  • 【Natural and Three-dimensional】:LAVONE eyebrow makeup has a smooth texture for easy application, creating natural,three-dimensional,and fuller eyebrows,giving a voluminous and realistic look.
  • 【High Pigmented】: Experience high color payoff with rich and saturated shades.This eye brow powder effortlessly fills in sparse eyebrows,allowing for gradual layering and blending to create the illusion of thicker eyebrows.
  • 【Easy to Use】: Requiring only a small amount to achieve the desired brow makeup effect. Suitable for all skin tones and hair colors, small, convenient for on-the-go use. Tint.
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