Eyelash Perm Kit, Lash Lift Kit, Semi-Permanent Curling lash perm kit For Beautify Your Lashes - REVIEW

  • Wife bought this as her asian straight eyelashes are difficult to curl using regular eyelash curler. She tried this product and she said it worked. Took her less than an hour to finish both eye. Four days now and it is still curled. Makes a big difference when she applies mascara.
  • I used it on my brows because they’re long and curly and always get messed up through the day. This helped keep them manageable and in place!
  • I tried the lash peeking kit the first time and didn’t use enough product so it didn’t do much but I waited a week and tried again using more product and my lashes are super curly and wispy. I plan on never having to use a lash curler again!
  • I have very short and straight eyelashes. After pregnancy they were even worse and I hate constantly crimping them so I thought I’d try an at home lash lift and I love the results! Pictured is a before, after, and after mascara. They probably would have been even better if I didn’t absentmindedly clean with water.
  • This brand is a good one. It works just as advertised. I will keep buying.
  • Loved the results of this kit. It was easy to use. Instructions were clear. Two things: glue not very sticky, but saran wrap helped so much, and not much cleanser. Other than that results were great. My daughter wanted subtle eyelashes, so that’s what she got. She didn’t want them too long, but this kit got the job done. We were happy with the results. I submitted a before and after pic. :)
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  • Great performance- eyelash perm kit is made with premium quality ingredients, your lashes will remain curled for 1 month, and you will obtain long-lasting eyelashes.
  • Professional eyelash performing kit- perfect for people who crave that extra curl for their natural lashes. Suitable for salon conferences, with this perm kit.
  • Economical & easy to use- large eyelash lift kit, This kit has more value than the others on the market. It's can be used up to 15 times, very easy to use.
  • Great for parties and weddings- an eyelash lift is an innovative way to keep lashes curled and looking younger.
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