Liquid Latex - 16oz Pint - Creates Monster/Zombie Skin and FX - REVIEW

  • I use this to keep resin pieces nice even if there is resin over pour. This is super nice to use and you get a lot for the money. Very pleased.
  • I use this to prevent excess of resin to spill on the finished area of my resin crafts. I ordered it before and the consistency was better - not too liquid. This time around it is wasy too liquid and spills from the sides when poured over flat item. I have to clean up the messy sides after it's dry but still pretty messy when working with it. Took 1 star off for this.
  • This single bottle I bought many months has seen many applications. It can be used for makeup, props, or really anything you put your mind to. Considering the price, I couldn't recommend anything else!WARNING: Keep away from fabrics. It will not come out no matter how hard you try. Learned that the hard way. If anyone has any methods of cleaning, I would like to know.
  • What can I say it's latex it smells horrible it sticks great it is very thin and very clear. I use this to make fake intestines and it did the job well for that. I would not use this for creating any type of prosthetic piece because it's too thin very watery thin.
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  • Super flexible – dries quickly and clear – and you can just peel off your skin
  • Can be painted after drying - to build up effects you can use tissue paper and cotton;
  • Best choice for making realistic looking effects on your skin like wounds, scars and gashes
  • CRUELTY FREE - Our latex is made all natural from the Rubber Tree;
  • General Purpose Adhesive; Use it to Zombie skin and monsters, and also Create 3D Wrinkles
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