Half Caked Totally Tubular Mascara, The Heights | tubing formula, blackest black, flake-free, smudge-free, easy to remove | 8.5ml - REVIEW

  • It’s a really good tubbing mascara, it won’t smudge throughout the day. Only problem I have with it is that it causes whatever curl I got with a lash curler to fall which is not a problem I’ve had with any other mascara. Adorable packaging too!
  • After reading the reviews I decided to go for it and try this new tubing mascara. Holy cow y'all my Mom asked me if I had my false lashes on when I first tried this! I LOVE that the brush is similar to my holy grail Loreal Telescopic Mascara, where it makes your lashes long and separated. I prefer a lengthening brush b/c the "volumizing" ones always seem to clump and spider leg my lashes too much. So brush, 5 stars hallelujah. Went paddleboarding and forgot I was wearing mascara, angry ocean wave flipped me over and this mascara stayed on! It also held up when I accidentally started crying in church on Easter, (hey, it happens)so that is an improvement over my standard waterproof mascara. It is EASIER to remove than Blinc because it goes on like, thinner or more fine, so it does not come off in big chunks. As soon as I use all this I'm definitely getting another tube and will prob. get one for my sister as well.The negatives I read about this being thinner formula or too wet, I actually liked because I think it will not dry up as fast as other tubing mascaras. Just be aware you have to apply it LAST b/c it does take a few minutes to set up and dry, but that didn't bother me at all.
  • Love this mascara! Found it randomly searching for tube mascara as my Thrive was running low. Great volume and extension, getting ready to order a few more. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed if you lean towards a tube mascara!
  • this has been my go to mascara for a few years now! i’m so glad they started selling on amazon!! it’s not clumpy, goes on smooth and evenly, so easy to wash off at the end of the day, and doesn’t flake or smear onto my skin throughout the day!!! the only downside i’ve noticed from ordering from amazon over their actual website is that twice now i’ve gotten a fresh one in the mail that was so dried out and crusty so i had to get it exchanged, which is why i only did 4 stars. hopefully they were just bad batches because this is my favorite mascara.
  • Holy grail product for short straight Asian lashes. They make my natural lashes look so long. I love the tubing effect. BUY THIS!! Won't regret it if you want to take a break from falsies.
  • Like blink but cheaper in price… tried many others.. this was by far the best
  • I sweat a lot and work in hot kitchens. This works so much better at not running down my face without being “waterproof”. Way more gentle on my lashes too!
  • I was scrolling through TikTok to find a mascara that washes easily and doesn’t clump and found this. So it does wash off so easily which I love but it does clump up a bit after a few layers but to fix that just get a eyelash/brow gel and it’ll keep it smooth and makes it look so perfect and natural. Only down side I wish it had more volume control.
  • Wow…that’s what I thought when looking in the mirror after applying this mascara. I have short fine lashes from my Asian side. I purchased “The Heights” and it made my lashes reach heights I’ve never seen and it stayed that way the entire day. No smudging, flaking, or clumping. It’s not too wet, not too dry. Dark, black pigment. I have no complaints. Very easy to apply without mistakes. My lashes are still soft and flexible after it sets in. No crispness, no stringy spider lashes. I love this stuff. I will buy a few at a time next purchase.
  • I used Blinc tubing mascara for probably a decade. It’s pricey and not easy to find in stores. I was in search of something comparable for a better price and this was one of the several I tried. This is now my go-to mascara and has very minimal flaking (if any) at the end of the day. I have contacts and look like a raccoon with 99% of mascaras, waterproof or not. So if you have any of those issues, give this a try!
  • So impressed by this product. I was hoping for the best but still skeptical until I actually took the plunge and applied it. I have always worn L’Oreal Double Extend as it’s the only option for non raccoon eyes in my opinion. But I recently turned vegan and I know that it doesn’t just end with what you eat, it’s what you put on your body too. So there began the search for a vegan alternative to the L’Oreal mascara. This it it!! I’m really so thrilled and thankful that it exists. You truly can have it all. Non smudging mascara that makes you look great while being kind to animals and your yourself!
  • I’m really impressed with this mascara!! This is the first tubing mascara I’ve tried so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I love it!! In the photo I have 2 coats of the mascara applied on the left eye and nothing on the right. My natural lashes are nothing special but this mascara makes it look like I have lash extensions without the damage and cost. It does apply a little goopy (especially the second coat) but I had more success when I went slow and really dragged the wand through my lashes from root to tip. I was able to fix some clumping this way and I’m very happy with the way it looks! Normally it would take me 3-4 coats of a standard mascara to get even close to these results. I haven’t tried to remove it yet so can’t comment on that.
  • I’ve never been one to rave about mascara but Ive used half caked for over a yr now and every time I get antsy and want to shop around I am so disappointed. If you love a tubing mascara or even just a waterproof mascara- this is it. Stop looking. Just don’t look.1) so affordable. Ive tried $35 mascaras (that sounds crazy now that Ive typed it but I did what I did) and they pale in comparison. Even when you’re nearing the end of your tube, it keeps giving.2) I misspoke… I’ve tried too faced better than s3x mascara which is $40 + and it was terrible. Smudged on my lower lash line no matter what and matter the season. The half caked formula just does not move throughout the day.3)so easy to take off with just warm water and a soft washcloth. That’s it. Lashes feel great afterwards.
  • Just as good as blinc but way cheaper. Do you have colors.i love colored mascara.
  • Works like any typical tubing mascara. Easy to wash off yet doesn’t transfer or smear. Good price point.
  • I have very thin lashes and this helps hold the curl of my lashes after I curl them. Not completely but more than a lot of other mascaras I’ve tried. It’s more volumizing than lengthening but I love that. I’m getting more of this when I run out. Definitely tubing and easy to remove. I’ve tried the other trending mascaras but I like this one the most and it doesn’t smudge!
  • I love this mascara, no running just kind of balls up and falls off when removing it.
  • I was spending close to $30 a month on a tubing mascara always advertised on Instagram. I trying to budget myself and found this and decided to try it out for half the price. I was so nervous I’d be disappointed, wasted money and needing to purchase the other costly mascara.HOWEVER, I am SO impressed by this mascara. It works better than the other brand and my lashes are long, beautiful and noticeable. So happy I took a chance and 10/10 recommend!
  • Hands down the best I've ever used. Doesn't give panda eye after working all day. Also it gives extra length and glides on so perfectly and smooth
  • I have both The Heights and The Ultimate. I've tried several different tubing mascaras (L'Oreal, Heimish, No. 7, Milani), and these are some of my favorites so far. The Ultimate adds more volume compared to The Heights, but it can be a bit clumpy at times. Nothing a lash comb can't fix though. Both versions do add length for me, which is not something I've gotten with most of the other brands I've tried. The formula is on the drier side, which is not necessarily a negative. They can get a little flaky with extremely extended wear, but it's not an issue with normal wear and I've never had it smudge on my hooded eyelids, which is my problem with non-tubing mascaras. Removal is a little smudgier/flakier rather than solid thick tubes like some other brands, but they still remove easily with just warm water. These are a repurchase for me!
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  • Clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free formula.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes/contact lens users.
  • Smudge-proof & transfer-proof & sweat-resistant
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