MEICOLY Halloween Coagulated Blood, 30g/1.06 oz Fake Blood Gel with Black Stipple Sponge, for SFX Wound,Cuts,Clown,Vampire Film Cosplay Makeup - REVIEW

  • looks good, but doesn’t look good with foundation on it. I don’t know if it’s the way I’m using it but I think it’s a bit too sticky
  • The media could not be loaded. :) So I needed this video for both the earrings and the blood so sorry about that but anyways it was easy to apply and easy to get off.:) It was sooo much better than the usual runny stuff you buy since it's thicker and comes in this little container. The little sponge made it easy to apply, it does stain a little but only if you use too much on one spot (which for certain ideas it works out really cool).:) It doesn't take long to dry and there is no sticky layer but fair warning when it dries it goes from a wet feeling to a dry tightening feeling. Nothing too bad and it doesn't hurt so once you wash your face it's gone.:) It doesn't smell yummy and doesn't taste yummy so try not to accidentally get it in your mouth. It won't kill you but it definitely will have you making scary faces!
  • Very easy to use and shape. It is a little sticky, but I'm pretty sure that's what skin wax is supposed to be like. A good way to deal with the stickiness is to rub your hands with coconut oil or Vaseline first.I have also been able to reuse some of it. It can last you a while if you save it. It is easy to cover with makeup and blend the colors. Definitely recommend this!
  • Was a great surprise for my friends but dried weird and flaked but over all was a great product
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  • REALISTIC BLOOD GEL --- Our Coagulated Blood doesn't fade.Easily manipulated to form cuts and other molded shapes.Perfect for hyperrealistic wound FX,big wounds,small cut,slit throat,realistic slit-wrist blood,gashes
  • COAGULATED BLOOD INGREDIENTS --- The main components of artificial plasma consist of Ingredients: Water,CMC,Carmine,Citric Acid,Potassium Sorbate.Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.There is a certain food coloring, we generally Do not recommend swallowing
  • COAGULATED FAKE BLOOD REMOVE --- Recommend Cleaning with soap(the first time may leave a little red,then wash again,the red color will gone) , if you just clean by water , it is can not work ,because the ingredients use more food coloring to make blood gel more realistic
  • SFX EFFECT BY THE STIPPLE SPONGE:The stipple sponge use it to match the fake blood gel, you can make different realistic wound effects, such as scratches,bruise
  • HALLOWEEN COAGULATED FAKE BLOOD KIT --- 1x 30g/1.06Oz Coagulated Blood Gel , 1x Black Stipple Sponge
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