Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow 01 yellow Brown 8g - REVIEW

  • It's a good product. I just wish the company made it easier to find different colors. I wanted to buy a dark brown or black one for a friend but found it impossible to tell which of their colors was like those.
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  • Creates naturally fluffy eyebrows that match your hair color The liquid clings tightly to the eyebrows without coloring the skin. A natural brown color added to suit dark brown or black hair
  • This film-type eyebrow mascara gives intense color in one stroke! A single quick application can produce great coloration, additional coat for even more intense color Technical brush avoid coloration of skin
  • Long-lasting, and removes effortlessly with warm water. Resistant to perspiration, water, oils, and rubbing. Prevents smudging for a long time.  Easily removed with any normal cleanser
  • The key to removing mascara Wet the eyelashes with warm water of about 104 degree for a while. Cleanse by lightly pinching the eyelashes. This removes the mascara easily. If it is still hard to remove, wipe away gently with a cotton pad moistened with warm water of about 104 degree
  • Contains Panthenol (eyelash-protecting ingredient) Panthenol, a water-soluble vitamin, enhances the skin’s elasticity and water retention ability. Leaves the eyelashes glossy and flexible
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