EBANKU 50 PCS Microblading Permanent Makeup Shower Face Shields Visors, Disposable Face Shields Masks for Hairspray Salon Supplies and Eyelash Extensions Eye Eyelid Surgery Aftercare - REVIEW

  • I used to keep eyes dry while washing hair and showering after cataract surgery.Removed the anxiety of keeping eyes dry.
  • I know this is supposed to be for after microblading but I got this for after eye surgery to be able to wash my hair post op. It does a pretty good job shielding my eyes but you have to be really careful when sticking it on your forehead, making sure all parts of the double sided tape is in contact with your skin- because once an air bubble is present and water gets in, the whole tape just stops being sticky and water can seep through. I combined this with the headband face shield for extra security when showering.
  • My son is on the spectrum and he is very sensitive about hair falling in his face.This was a great solution.It stays on his face well and keeps the hair off while I'm cutting. It does get a bit of static which can be a problem sometimes.Overall glad I bought these.
  • Used post cataract surgery so I could wash my hair- wish someone had told me about these beforehand.
  • These are great after cataract surgery. Keeps water from getting in your eyes in the shower or if washing your hair.
  • This was very helpful in protecting my eyebrows from getting wet.It's easy to use and stayed in place.Great quality, great value!
  • These work great my kids actually sit for their hair cuts now without having hair all in their faces. Definitely a great purchase in my book!
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  • SURGERY AFTERCARE SHIELD: Our EBANKU Face Shields are the perfect solution to your client's number one aftercare concern, how not to get their eyebrows and eyes wet in the shower after the procedures such as permanent makeup, microblading, eyelash extensions, etc.
  • FACIAL PROTECTION: EBANKU Face Visors can protect clients face when using hairspray, trimming bangs, hot hair coloring. Suitable for both home and salon use.
  • 50 PCS LIGHTWEIGHT VISORS: Our Visors are made of durable plastic and have a medically tested adhesive strip which is gentle on the skin. It is very transparent and you can enjoy watching video and play cell phone games during hair cutting.
  • Easy to Use: Just clean the forehead, remove the white adhesive tap, adhere to face, just above the eyebrows and remove from face and dispose of when done. It can be adjusted for both adults and children.
  • 24 HOURS CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT: If you are not satisfied with the item, we will give you a free replacement or refund.Please enjoy your shopping.
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