Hemway Premium Ultra Sparkle Glitter Multi-Purpose Metallic Flake for Nail Art, Cosmetic Graded, Makeup, Festival and Hair 100g / 3.5oz - Microfine (1/256 0.004 0.1mm) - Silver Holographic - REVIEW

  • Great glitter and easy to set with modge podge. Just make sure that you're using a glossy modge podge so it doesn't dull your sparkle. First picture is without flash and second is with.
  • I use this glitter in my resin projects and the shine of the glitter is FABULOUS
  • Got frienemies.... well this glitter is the best..... it is super fine and will be the hardest thing to clean up when it goes poof.....Someone cheating on you well before you say farewell putting this in the air vents in their πŸš— will definitely have you being remembered for your glitz and glam....Gonna be covered and look like a snow globe when the ac is kicked on.... the struggle of washing this glitter out of your Cracks and crevices will show the durability of this powerful glitter! πŸ™Œ
  • Trust me! Finding a hand sanitizer with glitter already in it is a pain! But this is the exact glitter to add urself. I did and it’s perfect.
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  • Multi-Purpose Premium Glitter – This cosmetic graded glitter can be used to add extra sparkle to your nails, body art, hair, makeup, lip gloss and beards. Add sparkle to your arts and crafts too!
  • Easy to Use – For nail art mix the glitter into an acrylic top coat, clear gel coat or clear varnish and then apply for an ultra-sparkle set of nails. For makeup and body art, apply glitter with a brush to the area with a makeup adhesive. For crafts, simply sprinkle the glitter onto your project with an adhesive
  • Cosmetic Graded - Hemway glitter is safe for use in makeup looks, nail art, body art, hair and lip gloss
  • Vibrant Colour - High color pigment and premium raw materials means our Ultra Sparkle Glitter is fade and heat resistant, meaning the colour will shine brighter for longer
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free - Vegan and free from animal testing
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