Kiko Milano Definition Waterproof Eyeliner | Liquid Eyeliner With Water-resistant Formula - REVIEW

  • This is really waterproof! I usually need to use makeup remover to take off. The only negative is you can’t make fine lines because of the brush.
  • I had tried millions of eyeliners and none of them worked, they all faded, I even tried Kat von's tattoo liner and it didn't last at all since I have an ophthalmological condition that was born with lacrimal obstruction and I've already had surgery but my eyes tend to light to become watery, which doesn't allow me to put on makeup with almost any eye products but it erase,this has been the best eyeliner for me
  • i like the fact that it makes a fine line but i wish the brush was a little stiffer so it is easier to apply ...
  • I love this eyeliner . I have tried a lot of other liners this one is worth the money by far hands down!😁
  • The texture and consistency is great plus this has a great brush tip applicator. I hate felt tip and seeing one with a brush really made me happy.
  • Stayed put! This is an absolutely amazing eyeliner. I love how the brush is small enough to control how much product is put in eyes. I also put a small line on my hand to test. It lasted 4 days with out smudging. I took showers, washed hands and tried to scrub off and Perfect! Love love love
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  • Liquid Eyeliner with water- resistant formula
  • The slightly creamy consistency makes it easier to use and suitable for every woman, from the most experienced to the make up novice
  • Impeccable, long lasting look
  • One stroke of eyeliner, applied more thickly or more finely, depending on tastes, increases the brightness of your gaze, immediately making your make up stand out more and giving greater structure.
  • Thanks to the especially fine application brush, combined with a creamy, glide-on formula, this eyeliner will always give you an impeccable and elegant result.
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