Koko Lashes "Goddess" - REVIEW

  • I’ve been wearing these and only these for years. They complete my everyday classic Hollywood glam look and give me and instant face lift. The best.
  • Beautiful Iconic dupe for HOL love this lash it’s heavier than natural lashes but it makes your eyes pop. I love them.
  • I've been using these lashes for almost 5 years now. These are the best lashes hands down. They're well constructed, really durable, and you get a ton of wear out of them. I love the band. It's not too thick but not too flimsy which makes them super easy to put on. They're also really easy to clean. They look good with any makeup look. I just might have to stock up on these because I forgot how much I loved them. I've tried many lashes, but these are hands down the best!
  • These are one of my favorite pair of lashes and definitely in my top 5.
  • So I ran out of my House of Lashes Iconic lashes, and I ordered Koko Lashes Goddess as they looked similar in the pictures. When they got here, they were nearly IDENTICAL to the House of Lashes pair. I actually prefer the Koko Lashes. I'm NEVER going back to House of Lashes. Koko Lashes are more comfortable and they're longer lasting. Not to mention, you can't beat the price. I'm a total Koko Lashes convert, and if you're looking to ditch House of Lashes and their pricing, go with Koko Goddess!
  • These lashes are everything! I’ve been wearing them for a few years now. Comfortable and flexible bands. Can’t beat the price either!
  • Goddess is my go to for a glamourios look! Perfect and not heavy but gives the thick full lash look you are dreaming of!
  • I love Goddess by KOKO LASHES!Only dislike was the las time I ordered from Amazon I was sent the wrong ones! They were the shortest lashes KoKo probably makes!! Please make it right thistime
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  • Premium, High Quality Lash Band and Fibers
  • Easy to Apply
  • Reusable (with proper care)
  • Perfect for both Everyday Wear and Special Occasions
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