Studio Eyebrow Kit- Light - REVIEW

  • This is my favorite eyebrow powder and i literally use it everyday!! I used to be able to go to any drugstore and find it, but i cant anymore, so i just order it here. I have tried other kinds of eyebrow powders, but have never found any that i like as well as this kind!
  • I truly needed this. It’s helped my poor pitiful eyebrows. I’ve been using it for years. Love it!
  • I'm so glad I was able to find this e.l.f. Gel & Powder Eyebrow Kit here on Amazon! I used to find it at Walmart, Target and Ulta, but they must have all stopped carrying it. I have oily skin and discovered this several years back. This works until I can find the right product for my skin type. I have tried a couple of other products, but I keep returning to this one. Not sure if the 4 star rating is fair for longevity of the product, as I have oily skin? Water proof? It would be asking too much. Anyway, I would typically need to reapply throughout a hot dayif I'm outdoors, (summers are hot and humid where I live on the east coast). After I shower and do my make-up, I make my first application, I take my child to school, return home, finish getting ready and by then my make-up has settled and I do a touch up and I'm good to go. My "go to" for eyebrows. I'm grateful to the seller for shipping my product so fast, as I had misplaced my other kit that was quickly dwindling down!
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  • Defines and shapes brows
  • The color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected
  • Doubled sided taklon brush
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