LORAC PRO Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, Metallic High Pigmented, Mirror Compact - REVIEW

  • I love this palette. The colors are lovely and the formula is very high quality.Great size for traveling too, which is primarily why I bought it.
  • The package arrived well packaged, no damaged shadows. The consistency of these shadow is almost creamy soft. Easy to Blend. My skin tone is warm light so Bare is literally Bare lolcan barely see it, perfect for base and smoothing. Im getting rid of my old Nyx nuetral pallet and replacing it with this. Quality is Way better. Not powdery and patchy.
  • I expected a big palette but that's just cause I'm an idiot and don't read reviews! Still think it's a bit steep for the amount of shadow lol but it's cool
  • My new "go to" eyeshadow palate. Unlike most, I use every color! Great neutrals that blend wonderfully. Highly recommend.
  • SO GOOD FOR THE MONEY!! I wanted a smaller pallet to keep in my bag and I got this one- and its so perfect. All the colors are so nice and the lighter shade I use for blending stuff out. Which btw- super easy to blend this stuff. Its a little powdery so Id recommend some eye primer- but other than that, perfect!
  • This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered this in the past 3 years! I love it! I’m a 65 yo brunette. Wanted a palate that didn’t have the shimmer and one that would last all day. This eye shadow is still in place after all day wear! It’s small enough to travel with. I’ve tried other brands and always come back to this one!!!
  • Good quality makeup in cheap cardboard packaging. Doesn't stay closed (no clasp or magnet). I was shocked at how saturated the darker colors are - it's almost hard to use the browns lightly enough. If you're going for that drag look, this might be for you.
  • I use this everyday and it’s the perfect size for traveling. I have been through many of these since discovering it in 2016. Great as a gift or for yourself!
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