Anime Cosplay Manga Lashes,15mm 3D Wispy Spiky Lashes for Natural Look Reusable 5 Pairs Fake Eyelashes,Perfect for Japanese Anime Fans,Get Stunning Eyes. - REVIEW

  • I love how thin the band is. Quality is great. I get them monthly. Sometimes twice a month 😅
  • So these lashes are super cute and extremely comfortable to wear, even on hot days. My only small issue is that I expected the spike part of the lashes to be a little bigger?I wanted a little more of a dramatic look so I'll probably just layer them!
  • Barley show up in pics super natural if if u like that but if u want dramatic DONT GET
  • I personally like to cut them up into pieces and use them sparingly, but I get amazing compliments!10/10
  • They are super cute and super fun to wear, easy to put on and they stay on for a while with some good glue. Great quality.
  • These are the exact eyelash shape I was looking for. It gives the look of a cartoonish eye and a feminine round look. They’re very lightweight and don’t bother me throughout the day like most lashes that I’ve used.
  • I wasn’t expecting these lashes to be so small at first due to me always wearing a different brand, but I did like the effect these ones gave to my eyes! They were super comfortable and I would definitely recommend these ones tocosplayers who are new to wearing lashes! I did have to alter the lashes a bit to fit my eyes but that was all!
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  • 【New Try to Lashes】 Say hello to the latest trend in false eyelashes! Our Japanese anime lashes are perfect for adding a touch of edgy fashion to your look. From everyday makeup to cat eyes and Korean girl group lashes, these versatile lashes are suitable for any eye shape.
  • 【Comfortable to Wear】Comfort meets style with lightweight and natural false eyelashes. Our lashes are designed to be comfortable and durable, so you can wear them all day without any burden. With a non-allergic material, they are perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • 【Wispy Effect Natural Makeup】 Get a natural, wispy effect with our 3D-designed false eyelashes. Our lashes come in a variety of lengths to match your natural lashes and create a full, layered look from root to tip. You'll love the perfect blend and fuller eyes you'll get with our lashes.
  • 【Handmade by Skilled Worker】Each of our false eyelashes is handmade by skilled workers using high-quality fibers that are lightweight and soft. You'll feel as smooth and soft as your own lashes while wearing our product. Plus, you can use them up to 10 times with proper storage.
  • 【After-Sale Guarantee】Our commitment to quality doesn't stop at our lashes. We also offer excellent customer service and an after-sale guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase or have any problems, just contact us and we'll make sure you're happy with your purchase. We want you to feel confident and charming every day with our Japanese anime-style lashes.
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