Pro Tan Black Bodaciously Remarkably Powerful 50XX Ultra Dark Sunbed Lotion 250 ml - REVIEW

  • Works great and you see visible results after just one use. Smells good, not greasy.
  • This lotion is fantastic! Smells great has a perfume scent. This gets me extremely dark extremely fast. This is a 50× dark bronzer lotion that has bronzer beads in it. My best advice with this lotion is it to be rubbed in completely or you'll streak and I mean you will STREAK so be cautious of that. I've bought this lotion 10+ times! It's in my top 3. You should also consider already having a base tan before using this so you do not get the orange look that nobody likes.
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  • Maximum tanning 50xx ultra black lotion.
  • Long lasting bronze colour.
  • paraben free.
  • Note The date mentioned on the bottle is bottle manufactured date. PAO(Period After Opening) of the product is 12months
  • The product should be rubbed in thoroughly and applied in circular motions to ensure even coverage
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