Libeauty Black Ti-nt Kit, Lash Color kit Hair Color Kit, 15ml Color Kit Black with Complete Tools for Salon Or at Home(Black) - REVIEW

  • We only used the product to tint our lashes.I have not tried it on eyebrows, and do not intend to.It was easy to apply, the wait time was okay, but taking the excess off is where the not issue, but pain began.It burned, it was hard with gravity being in our lives, to not get some in your eyes.That is where the issue lies.But I don't really know how to apply something to your eyes, let it sit and a bit not creep in.Once the burning ended and I could focus, it looked great!Definitely needed a second person to help,No way I could have applied on my own.
  • I read a lot of the 1 star reviews and after using this product for a long time myself, all I can say is don't listen to them. I use this exclusively for dying my own eyelashes since I have strawberry blonde hair and mascara is the one thing I can't leave the house without, so this saves me from the racoon eyes. Obviously don't get this in your eyes, yes, it will hurt. If you do, rinse it all off and start over. I've had my lashes tinted by a professional and if they get it in your eyes, it's gonna burn just the same. I keep my eyes open while I use it. If your eyes water at all during the process, you're gonna feel the burn. Keep them dry. I do think it's a little tricky to get the mixture just right, but when you do, it works great. I do keep it on longer than the instructions say, but you can see it working and know when it's time to take it off depending on how dark you want. The last time I used it, I thought maybe I'd try saving the mixture so I kept it in the little mixing thing it comes with and put it in a plastic bag. An hour or so later, it was dark dark brown, so clearly letting it sit longer is key. I'll try this technique before the next time I use it as I think the developer just needs more time to "develop". But if you do this right, it does work well, it lasts for quite some time (maybe 4-6 weeks?) and doesn't hurt. IF you do it right. Hope this helps!
  • I was skeptical about buying and trying this product, but I'm SO glad that I did. It is super easy to apply and lasts FOREVER!!! The best dye kit I have found by far.
  • I have been using this product for a while on my eye lashes an browes and they look great. It's easy to mix and apply by myself.
  • Worked great!Burning sensation on my eyes and the skin around them.I just used a cold rag to hold on my eyes after and it alleviates the burning/stinging sensation.
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  • Libeauty EYELASH COLOR KIT - You can wake up everyday with flawless lash and brow, Voluminous Coloring your natural eyebrows will enhance their definition and make them thicker, more natural and flexible . This eyebrow color kit is an innovative way to coloring your lashes, you’ ll save loads of time not having to apply makeup or use a eyebrow colour daily! This amazing brow black kit is suitable for both men and women!
  • GENTLE LOTION - Libeauty eyebrow black kit is made in Korea and specially formulated with good ingredients, all lotions have undergone several rigorous tests ingredients ensuring the healthiest of natural brows. The brows lotion are gentle and non-irritating, kind to the skin, and do not cause allergies.
  • SPLENDID EFFECT - The staying power of this eyelash colour kit is really good, Eyelash black kit can make your eyes look bigger and more spiritual. Gives you an elegant glamorous for every occasion. You can be beautiful for a long time by purchasing this brow color kit!
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE - Lash black kit comes with easy to follow instructions and all the tools you need, just a few simple steps 15mins to create dreamy fuller brows. Stylishly packaged and perfect for a commemorative gift for your girlfriend, friends, family, the eyebrow and lash color kit are suitable for Eyebrow colour and lash colour and Temples color and Hair color and Beard color.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Beauty salons usually charge more than 120$ for a single session. Using Libeauty lash coloring kit you will save money. Depending on your eyelashes & eyebrows size, you can reuse the solution up to 10 times, getting the same glamorous results at a fraction of the cost from the comfort of your own home!
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