stusgo Tanning Back Lotion Applicator, Self Tanning Lotion Applicator ,for Back Tanner Lotion Suncreen Applicator Apply Lotion to Back Smooth Even Finish Back Lotioner - REVIEW

  • This is easy to use and wash, gets even coverage on my back with sunless tanner.
  • Well it's wintertime right now, which means for me: ITCHY SKIN!It would keep me up all night if I didn't buy this product. Love it!
  • Honestly, I had low expectations for this thing but as someone who goes to the beach a lot and travels alone, I had to try and find a solution.I find this is best done before you put on your bathing suit, then pour lotion on you back or the applicator and start push and pulling!I honestly haven’t burned my back once this trip so I’d say it was a success.A little messy so make sure you bring a plastic bag to the beach with you to store it in until you get back home and can wash it.Give it a try!
  • The perfect accessory for those hard to reach places when you’re trying to get a good even self tan
  • I can finally get lotion all over my back after a day in the sun.
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  • perfectly holds lotions much better than non:absorbent applicators.The suncreen applicator is easy to reach your entire back. The lotions will not drip or run on the applicator. Our applicator absorbs very little because of its special non-absorbent interior construction.
  • Easy to Wash: Once you've used, just throw it into the washing machine and dryer with your laundry. Besides, you can also clean it with mild soap and warm water and then dry.The handles are strong and will not break when being pulled back and forth, and you can even easily hang the applicator over bathroom shelf to dry. The back applicator will last longer if it be hand washed.
  • Absorption and No Streaks :The surface of the back applicator is very confortable and soft, so the lotion is better held and does not drip easily. Due to its special non-absorbent materials on the back side, our applicators absorb very less lotion. The edge of the applicator will less rub your skin to help you apply lotions evenly and smoothly. No streaks and stained hands.We recommend that you apply lotion as soon as possible to your back after pouring the lotion
  • Durable : Our premium back lotion applicator easy reach is crafted from a durable & stretchable material with well-stitched on rope handles. The lotion applicator band can easily last for a year and beyond. Made of high-quality micro-fiber cloth, the velvet fabric is soft & effective.
  • apply lotions & creams wherever you like : Take the lotion applicator to the beach or pool to use as tanning mitt for application of your favorite sun tan lotion. Fits easily into any carrying bag. The back cream applicator weighs 0.1 pounds and is 27” long (32” with the handles) & 4.3” width
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