Lune+Aster Eclipse Volumizing & Curling Mascara - Volumizing & curling vegan tubular mascara that won't smudge, yet removes easily with warm water - REVIEW

  • This is my go-to mascara and I usually purchase it in-store as I have trust issues buying beauty/cosmetics on Amazon. This vendor is legit and what I received was the actual product.Pro Tip: Remove mascara in the shower. Unless you’re soaking your eyelashes with warm water at the sink, this stuff won’t budge and you’ll end up ripping your lashes out.
  • This is my favorite mascara ever! It's surprisingly effective, and near-perfect. It does tend to flake a bit and it leaves tiny black flakes under my eyes, especially as the product gets older and I wear it for longer hours.This mascara keeps the curl, definitely lengthens, and the curved brush helps to separate and lift the lashes. The ingredients are cleaner than most, and it lasts a very long time (20+ hours). It washes away easily with some gentle, oil-based face wash.This is the first mascara I've ever been really excited to purchase again. It's fantastic. I highly recommend it!
  • I got this mascara because of a recommendation from a friend. It doesn’t smear or make me look like I have 2 black eyes at the end of the day. It comes off with warm water. I’m a huge fan!!!
  • if you are okay with brushing out the clumpyness w a spoolie it should be okay
  • I was a big fan of Thrive, but found that it clumped and was altogether too much for my eyes. I tried this one on a whim, and I LOVE it. The tubes are much nicer, less thick and I like the applicator brush better as well. My eyelashes have felt soft and conditioned. This product NEVER smears or clumps on me. This is probably my favorite mascara of all time!
  • This is the only mascara for me. It goes on without clumping and stays on! No flaking! Tears won’t effect it! Peels right off with water.
  • Excellent mascara!! Goes on smooth, gives a curl, stays on all day, never a shadow under my eyes!! Easily comes of with my face cleanser at night. My search is over!!
  • This tubing mascara is amazing! My eyelashes are thicker and longer when I put it on,it provides great lash definition, and it doesn't flake off! Also comes off easy without damaging my lashes when I am removing my makeup.Love it!
  • Love this mascara, do not get lashes wet when wearing, it will run. Other than that it is great
  • My daughter recommended this and I am not sorry I made the purchase.Looks great and I will buy this again!
  • love how no make up remover is needed, just a little hot water. stays on all day and mostly water resistant:)) also looks great
  • Everyone thinks I have lash enhancements when I wear this mascara. Easy to apply, easy to remove. It’s a keeper!
  • Great mascara.Eyelashes look great. Best part, washes off with warm water & no raccoon eyes.
  • I love this mascara!It makes my lashes look amazing and it washes off with water.Amazing!
  • I've been looking for some mascara for a while & LOVE this one! I follow justclassicallycassidy and she recommended it. Its a tubing mascara & comes off so nicely!!! Definitely will be buying this from now on.
  • Delivered next dayYou should give it another try to the person that give one star.Best mascara ever, you should give it another try
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  • This vegan tubular mascara volumizes and curls for multidimensional lashes that won't smudge, even on your most active days. Using a unique technology, this formula is long-lasting, yet removes easily with warm water!<br><br>Results you can see.<br><br> 97% saw 12-hour long wear results without flaking or smudging<br><br> 94% saw amplified volume and lift in lashes<br><br> 91% didn’t need to use eye makeup remover<br><br><br><br>*results based on an independent clinical study
  • Vitamin B5 helps to replenish moisture
  • Vitamin E helps to hydrate, repair and protect
  • Shea butter helps to provide deep and lasting hydration
  • Mauritia Fruit Oil helps to hydrate, nourish and condition
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