Lash Bond and Seal, CALAILIS Cluster Lash Glue for Lash Clusters Super Strong Hold and Long Lasting 72 Hours Lash Extension Glue Waterproof Non-irritating Suitable for Sensitive Eyes Lash Glue - REVIEW

  • Nice hold and my eyes don't have a bad reaction to this glue like some of the others. It may look like sleep in your lashes after a couple days but I use black mascara to cover it. I will definitely try the black glue next time.
  • I’ve spent a bunch of money on lash remover but nothing compares to this product. No smell non irritating and works very fast.
  • Have purchased several of these - this is my GOAT lash segment glue - no damage to natural lashes, removes easily.Highly recommend.
  • I’ve been using this glue for two years now. I use the Lilac st clusters and my lashes mostly stay on for a week, I might have the odd one come off but generally I find it pretty good. I don’t put the glue all over my natural lashes, I just wiggle the brush at the base and then put a small amount of glue on the base of the clusters and glue to the underside. I don’t have a problem with stickiness like others have mentioned, and when it’s time to remove every week I use my oil balm cleanser, shower and let the water rinse over my lashes, then they slide right off. If there’s any glue left on my natural lashes I take a spoolie with micellar water and comb through. If there’s any makeup or dusty bits on them during the week I brush through them with a spoolie soaked in contact lens solution. I’ve repurchase this many times and my only complaint is they’ve changed the brush or something because it seems like there’s much less product on it.
  • I love that it hold the lashes very strong and it also lasted a week until I remove the lashes
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  • ✨【DUAL-ENDED DESIGN】--- Create a fuller and more dramatic look with CALAILIS Lash Bond and Seal. Its dual-ended design includes cluster lash glue and lash sealer to ensure lashes stay put all day—the first choice for vacations, parties, and business trips. Let's get ready to turn heads!
  • ✨【CLUSTER LASH GLUE】--- CALAILIS Lash Bond offers stunning, long-lasting lashes with a quick-drying, waterproof, and sweat-proof formula. It can be used alone for 48 hours without caking, just apply a thin layer.
  • ✨【EXTEND GLUE USE TIME 30%】--- CALAILIS Lash Sealer is clear, and lightweight in the form of a jelly. The sealed formula increases eyelash glue durability, ensuring your look stays beautiful for 72+ hours.
  • ✨【EASY TO APPLY & GENTLE FORMULA】--- Simplify your makeup routine with CALAILIS bond and seal lash glue. Gentle and odorless ingredients, the easy-to-apply and long-lasting formula keeps your lashes in place all day long.
  • ✨【PRECISE APPLICATION】--- The micro brush ensures a controlled and precise application, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals. Say goodbye to messy applications and hello to effortless beauty.
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