Mac In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara - Dimensional Black 0.47 oz - REVIEW

  • This is the best waterproof mascara I’ve ever used. It still does get applied little too thickly at times, so I do need to use a lash comb.This mascara doesn’t run when I wear sunscreen!! I’m excited about that because that used to happen to me no matter which sunscreen or mascara I used in the past.MAC’s version of this that is not waterproof is also pretty good, and looks a little better than this product, but that version does run when I wear sunscreen, so I’m very grateful to have this product!I remove this mascara each night with mineral oil and facial tissue. Or, I use makeup remover wipes (Costco) if I get lazy, but mineral oil really is the best option to remove this because it will pull much less on the facial skin.
  • The mascara is very good. Long lasting and creates long lashes. It is waterproof but is easy to remove with eye makeup remover.
  • Hands down the best mascara I have found. One coat and go. Stays all day.
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  • It leaves your lashes with superb scale.
  • Structure and sweep, enhancing volume by 98%.
  • Extending length by 35% and creating a 99% increase in curl while staying put.
  • The formula is clump resistant, nonflaking and nonsmudging.
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