Magnetic Eyeliner For Black Magnetic Eyelashes Magnetic Lashes Natural Look,Waterproof & Sweat Resistant - REVIEW

  • Finally! A magnetic liner that holds on 1st try and lasts all night. It has a smell like other magnetic liners but not overpowering. My eyes weren’t irritated next day either.
  • This is not smudgeproof, idk if its waterproof i havent tested that. And longevity wise i say not so much, i lasts about 8-9 hours maybe. I usually take my lashes off by then. But i clean this off with millecular water and its easy to remove with a q-tip. It hold lashes on like no other liner ive tested yet. It does gunk up so maybe thats why the lashes hold🤷🏻‍♀️ idk but its waay better than glamnetics felt tip liner for sure and its hellla pigmented. I will only be using this for my magnetic lashes from now on because I refuse to lose anymore of them thanks to glamnetic liners. Also its a very small tube, about the size of a pinky.
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  • * HOW TO USE OUR MAGNETIC EYELINER - Gently stroke the upper eye and face, and then draw along the base of the eyelashes from the beginning to the end of the eye to make the eye makeup deeper.
  • * VERY STRONG- Our magnetic eyeliner is very strong and works whole day with the same strong grip.
  • * NOT EXPENSIVE- Our products are very reasonable and very inexpensive to use. Try it and you will try it every time.
  • * Our magnetic eyeliner can be used with other magnetic eyelashes and much more convenient to use.
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