5x Longer Waterproof Mascara, 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara, 2 in 1 4D Thrive Mascara 5x Longer Waterproof for Natural Lengthening and Thickening Effect (1Pack) - REVIEW

  • This review is for Vibely Mascara 5x Longer Waterproof, Lash Cosmetics Vibely Mascara, 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara, 2 in 1 4D Thrive Mascara 5x Longer Waterproof for Natural Lengthening and Thickening Effect (1Pack)I've had other silk fiber mascara products that are super clumpy, but this one works well. It comes out of the tube kinda gloopy, I just wiped the chunks off and kept a bit on the brush. If you put on a few layers, it's super impressive (see my attached photo). I really like it. At $13 - its a little steep for my budget, but these things last quite a while for me.
  • One tube doing two things, neat! It is a dramatic difference in length from my natural lashes. Applying it, it is really tacky and sticky so try not to get the clumpy look going or you won't be able to recover without starting over. It sets really quickly (which I like). I have been using it often and yesterday the 2nd part of the application process failed. The piece in the tube that clears the wand is gone or not working. It was just a huge amount of product goopy on the wand. I just scrapped the wand tip on the lip of the opening and still was able to use it. I love it and the two main things I love are: I get a major lift with this mascara and it lasts all night (i work nights) without flaking off.
  • This mascara covers well and stays on pretty good, but it’s very sloppy to come out of the tube.I have gotten it all over.It is stringy and gooey. But it does go on well.You do need to let it dry before moving your eyes or it will get on your eye lids. It looks nice once it’s on.
  • This mascara is great for length, it really extended my lashes. It’s not as great for volume boosting. It is truly waterproof, but removed easily with my cleansing balm.
  • This mascara was able to curl my few short lashes, hold the curls throughout the day. I am very pleased with it, finally a mascara that works. I believe it is waterproof because it doesn’t smudge at all unless you rub it off. It comes off easily with make up remover. It is easy to apply, step 1 feels like a primer for your lashes and step 2 it lengthens, curls and darkens your lashes. However, after using for a month, the mascara in step 2 comes out clumpy at times on the wand but otherwise it works well, my new go to mascara.
  • This product does make one’s eyelashes look longer.I’m not sure about 5 times longer!But I am not one who spends a lot of time on makeup, so maybe I just have to get the hang of it.There are two separate brushes that are clearly labeled which order to use them.The product was easy to apply and dried quickly.I had no eye irritation from it & it did not flake or rub off.Would recommend
  • The wand for this mascara has tiny bristles which made it very easy to apply to my lower lashes. The formulation of the mascara itself is nice, easy to apply, and looked good. Too much and your lashes will be clumped together.
  • Had my doubts but I really do like this!Step one separates with less product on brush.Wait for a few moments, Step 2 uses the same brush and is at almost bottom inside of the tube.Use that part to enhance outer half? of yr eye for more definition.I had to learn all this by practice because usually I use a name brand that isn't like this.What you have to deal with is the "gloppiness" of the step 2 application as it picks up more of the mascara mixture that's down in the bottom of tube.It does stay on, love that aspect!
  • Easy to apply. Two steps, one container. Each step is labeled and you simply twist off to use the mascara wand. It was waterproof and did not irritate my sensitive skin at all. I followed the second step with my lash separator and it help remove any clumps perfectly.
  • This has to be the strangest texture for a mascara that I have ever used.It forms strings of the tips of your eyelashes, sort of like the strings that hang off your slice of pizza when you pull it off of the pie.You have to make sure to smooth the ends of your lashes so you don't have any fish hooks. But other than that, it passed all the other tests for me.You don't need an eyelash curler because the lashes curl up and stay with this mascara.And most importantly there was no smudging or flaking for me.I even wore the mascara to bed and it was fine in the morning, no smudging or flaking.I like the brushes, they separate the lashes nicely.
  • In my picture, you'll see Vibely waterproof mascara on the left and on the right my usual mascara that i had on the day before. I do feel it made them look a tad longer but not a crazy amount. It is a little sticky so of you do the z shape that they mention to put it on, you'll end up with lashes stuck together. It dried quickly and did not end up on my face or eyelids throughout the day (which sometimes happensto me with my other waterproof mascara). My usual eye makeup remover got it off without issues. I'm not really sure how it's 2 step when the same brush is used and the brush moves through the whole tube each time. The wand is extra long so it was a little weird getting it on at first. Overall,it's an affordable waterproof mascara that works.
  • I am a sucker for a good mascara...this is is good for a waterproof version. I am not sure about the 5x longer, but it did a good job of lengthening without clumping, I liked the brush and it was truly waterproof. Not a bad option for the price!
  • I have very few lashes and this mascara makes me appear to have thick, long lashes.. kudos !
  • I have been using this mascara for a long time now and I can't tell you how amazing it is!! Unfortunately, since it's Sunday, I don't have any makeup on, so I can't provide a picture.This is the absolute best mascara for anyone who is looking for something to really lengthen your lashes. There's 2 parts that you use. Both brush wands are very flexible I've found and I don't know what this mascara is actually made of, but when you first use it, you need to be prepared to know that this doesn't look like your regular mascara. When you take the wand out, the mascara is really elastic-like and stretchy. However, this is your friend. When you use the first part, you may not see any kind of improvement in the length. But when you are done using the second wand, you will be absolutely amazed at how much longer and how beautiful your lashes will look!! It's almost like it has something in the mascara, like some kind of material, that attaches to your lashes and lengthens them. It's fantastic!!I don't know if you have ever seen the ad on your device that has someone advertising a mascara that makes their lashes go all the way up past their eyebrows?? Well, I honestly believe that if you were to keep adding on more coats of this, you would end up having those eyelashes from that ad!I use a make up cloth to remove my makeup at the end of the day, and I have never had any issues with just using the cloth with some water to get this off every day. Very easy to remove. Plus, it lasts all day without smudging or anything like that. I will definitely be getting more of this when I eventually run out because this mascara is the absolute best!!
  • It really does work and extends your lashes. I’m telling my friends all about it and given some it to try.
  • I had used a product similar to this in the past and this Vibely Mascara with 4D Silk Fiber, compares favorably with it. The other product I used was in two separate tubes. Vibely has combined their mascara all in one tube. It is so easy to apply step one base product and then move to step two without needing to put down the container. The mascara lengthens and separates my lashes and they are very noticeable.If you let the first application dry and then add a second full application the product will build on itself for an even thicker look.
  • So first off let me say, I have yet to find a mascara that I absolutely love.This is a two step mascara and I am having a hard time getting it on without it making my eyelashes look like stuck together spider legs.It could very well be operator error though.
  • I was a bit confused by this mascara when it arrived. The packaging does not explain how to use the product, which wouldn't be an issue, but the tube is labeled "Step 1" and "Step 2" which you would think means that you're meant to use one step and then the other, but in reality they should say "option" instead of "step" as the two options give two different looks. The first option pulls the mascara wand through a thin black tube which removes excess product for a more precise application. The section option pull leaves the tube around the wand without pulling it through so a lot more product remains on the wand. The mascara is very goopy so I recommend only using "step 1." The formula lasts well and is waterproof. I will add that because this makeup is made by a Chinese company it legally has to be tested on animals, so it is not cruelty free.
  • Does this make your lashes look longer? Absolutely. HOWEVER, you really need an additional wand to brush through it to even everything out. There is just so much product on the wands, and trying to rub some back into the tube by brushing the sides of the wands on the lid doesn’t get enough off.With my additional wand I’m able to even it out once I do the second step and that makes a big difference. Without doing that I would have to basically remove product from the wands with a wipe or something before applying to my eyes. There is just such an excess of product on these wands! The second tube is also very almost tar like and sticky, so you have to be careful when applying the product.I will say though, most waterproof mascaras are very hard and dry is a weird way and hurt my sensitive eyes, and this one does not! Though, how waterproof it is I’m not sure of because it comes off fairly easily when I wash my face.
  • This mascara is so close to being one that I love, but it just has a few small issues. First of all, I initially thought I was supposed to use both #1 and #2 since the bottle doesn't specify and I thought it was "steps" instead of options. Now I know #1 is for a natural look and #2 is for a voluminous look (though one of the images in the listing implies the opposite, which is quite confusing).Anyway, at first I thought after using #2, omg it looks like I have fake eyelashes on, but then I realized they were kinda janky fake eyelashes. My lashes were quite long- and voluminous-looking, but they were also a bit clumpy and not properly separated. Now that I've used it several times, I've gotten better at brushing it on to make my lashes less gloopy and clumpy, but it's definitely still not perfect. And you can tell how gloopy it is on the brush coming out of the tube.The mascara does last really well and is quite water-proof. I usually wash my face and then use makeup remover on my eyes. This kind of flakes off, but is pretty quick to do with good makeup remover.Overall, I will continue using this because I do think it looks good after some work; but it takes more time to apply than most mascara should.
  • The media could not be loaded. I love the two step process of this mascara.It really helps to give me a fuller look.Previously I was using two popular mascaras to essentially get the same effects (Covergirl Lash Blast and Rimmel Lash Accelerator) because of thier formulas and diffrent brush types. This is so much easier and more convenient.It's also alot cheaper. I am legit going to be order more when needed.It was a little clumpy at first but getting use to it helped to reduce clumps.It's water resistant, not swimming proof.It does come off in the shower.I actually like this as my other mascaras required me to scrub at it to get it off which was damaging to my lashes even with waterproof makeup removers.It's also been less irritating to my eyes and it wears well.I am super happy with it and like I said plan to buy more!
  • I like this mascara so much more than I expected! the first day that I tried it, I was a little overwhelmed by the 2 steps and how "wet" it seemed, but I needn't have worried.I have found that I like using step 1 alone the most, as it provides nice separation and length that still looks natural.Adding step 2 really makes them pop, but it also makes them thicker and I'm not as good at controlling the wand in a way to make them look natural, so I am sticking with step 1.It lasts all day, no transferring of product or flaking, and super easy to take off.I really love this, and I plan to order again once it is gone.
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  • 【2 in 1 Mascara】The first brush is a soft style, The second brush focuses on heavy makeup. The plastic tube will filter out the excess mascara get a soft lash style,The second brush can create large curled eyelashes for you.
  • 【5x Longer Waterproof】Extend your natural lashes to stunning lengths. Using 4D Silk Fiber to coat each lash, enhances lashes, making them up to 5x thicker and longer.
  • 【No Smudges, No Residue】No touch-ups needed! Waterproof and long-lasting, confidently go through your day without smudges, flakes, or clumps with the creamy formula. 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara is instantly creates stunning Lashes.
  • 【Easy to Apply and Remove】Smooth mascara sweeps all eyelashes , Gentle ingredients that are safe and friendly for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, Just use your favorite makeup remover or warm water to remove makeup at the end of the day.
  • 【Say No To Raccoon Eyes!】Continuously flawless look that wears up to 24 hours, No mess, No Clump, and No Residue, Clump-free formula that wears all day
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