Physicians Formula Instaready Multi-Finish Eyeshadow, Smoky Nude, 0.28 Ounce - REVIEW

  • After a week it started to broke apart in each colour gradually and couldn’t use anymore. Two weeks of life.
  • I underwent 3 surgeries on my right eye few years ago. And after I was finally was given the ok to wear makeup again, I found that every brand I tried no matter the cost... it still irritated my eye so bad that I gave up only wore very minimal makeup on only very special occasions...Then dealt with the soreness burning irritation for the next anywhere's from day to week. Until I finally was told about physicians make up very skeptical not expensive at all why not try one more and oh my goodness I can now wear makeup anytime I want it does not irritate my eye at all and how nice is it to just go to the store and be wearing makeup or wearing makeup for the holidays or just because you want to Thank you for giving me these days back.I love this product.
  • This product requires some layers to get a dramatic effect. It is not deeply pigmented, but does not irritate, so I'm happy with it! I'll just use extra layers when needed.
  • After being disappointed by so many ‘hypoallergenic’ items I was scared to try this. Holy cow! It is truly hypo allergenic! I said ‘okay. It’s been five minutes and my eyes aren’t watering. Let’s give it a few more minutes.’ Twelve hours later - nary a tear! I’m so grateful! I plan to buy more products from this line. Thank you Physicians Formula!
  • This eye shadow is the smoothest one I've ever used. I mainly use one color on this. I love how natural it looks. Not to much shine but just enough for me.
  • I'm so happy with this product. I tried so many eye shadow for sensitive eyes, but doesn't works. I love for example all Pacifica products, but the eye shadows irritatedmy eyes so much! The colors are nice and hold on my eyes all day long! Very satisfied! Thank you Physicians Formula!
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