Maybelline Full 'N Soft Washable Mascara, Very Black, 0.28 fl. oz. (Pack of 3) - REVIEW

  • I love this mascara. It goes on easily and does not flake.It makes my lashes look full.It comes off cleanly with soap and water.This is my go to mascara.
  • Best mascara I have ever found. Only one that doesn’t glue my lashes together or is clumpy. Does what a mascara should do!
  • I love this mascara because it makes my lashes long but isn't goopey and clumpy like a lot of mascaras that are out today.
  • I have been using this mascara for a couple of years.It's the best I've found.Does not smudge and easy to remove at night.
  • Been using this for years. Tried expensive brands , and always come back to maybelline.
  • Used for years and always starts clumping half way through product. Wish they made in smaller tubes or used thicker brush.
  • This mascara gas been my favorite because it goes on perfectly, separating lashes and lengthening.
  • I have bought this brand before and it has worked very well in the past. It makes my eye lashes fluffy and opens my eyes.
  • I was losing lashes until I started using this soft formula. Plenty of long lasting colorand easy to gently remove .
  • I love this mascara,Tried different waterproof brands but got eye infections!So I came back to the tried and true Maybelline full and soft !
  • I love, love, love this product !!I have straight eyelashes which i have to curl. This is the only product that does not make my lashes go straight again !This is the only mascara i use !
  • I keep coming back to Full and Soft…it’s natural looking, long lasting and lashes are not stiff.Price is OK too.
  • I love this mascara and can’t find it locally. It beats out all other mascaras I’ve used. It doesn’t clump and it’s easy to remove.
  • This mascara is amazing, lashes don't stick together. Just the best I have ever used. And I have used alot..
  • Full and Soft is the only mascara I will use. It’s not clumpy, looks more natural than other mascaras I’ve tried and washes off easily
  • Love this mascara! You can add layers and it doesn’t get too thick Not waterproof but I find waterproof mascaras very difficult to remove for every day!
  • I’m a mascara junkie so I have tried them all. Highest high end to cheapest drugstore brands. This is a solid go-to for me. No clumps, great pigment, goes on smooth, easy to build up multiple coats with no clumps, or you can do just one or two coats if you want a more subtle look. Lashes stay soft. It doesn’t feel stiff and dry or flake off. Washes away easily.
  • This is a very nice mascara, easy to apply with no smudging and easy to take off. It is waterproof.
  • It is not stiff or crunchy feeling. I have used this for years, with contacts lenses. There is no strong smell either.
  • I have rotated around to various high-end mascaras over the years, and I keep returning to this one of all things. This mascara works best for me and really brightens my eyes. I have naturally stick-straight lashes and I need a mascara that will hold the (artificial) curl, and this really does it for me. I just keep loving Full 'N Soft, still my favorite go-to for many years. I hope they never discontinue this one!
  • I've been wearing waterproof mascara for 30 years, my lashes are full and long. You just need to remove with a conditioning waterproof eye makeup remover. I find this mascara separates my lashes the best because it's not too wet. The reason to wear waterproof for me, is more due to holding the curl after curling with eyelash curler.Regular mascaras pull the lashes down. I really love this particular one, I've tried many.
  • Great waterproof mascara. Defines lashes well. Need Mabelline Expert Eyes for Waterproof Mascara to remove.
  • I love this stuff.Does not clump or, at least not until it's old & should be tossed anyway.I usually wipe most of the mascara off the wand before using it so it goes on lightly for a more natural look.
  • I have used only this mascara for over 8 years. The only one that doesn’t clump and looks natural yet still gives you good length and fullness!
  • I’ve used this stuff for 10+ years and I’m so scared they’re going to discontinue it because I literally hate any other mascara. It doesn’t clump or look spidery. It dries quick so your lashes don’t get weighed down after curling them. It lasts literally all day. I have somewhat oily skin so I have to put eyeshadow primer under my bottoms to keep from smudging but that’s going to be any mascara. Please don’t stop making this!
  • This is the only mascara I will use. I can wear it all day in the summer and at the pool without looking like a raccoon.
  • This is my favorite mascara. I have really straight lashes that I have to curl. I have a hard time finding a mascara that doesn't straighten out my curled lashes. Once you put this on, you curled lashes last until you wash it off.
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  • Advanced thickening formula is enriched with Vitamin E to soften and nourish lashes
  • Helps to prevent lash loss
  • Washable formula
  • Features Quick Dissolve System that allows for quick and easy mascara removal leaving silky-soft lashes
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