Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Drama Tinted Gel Mousse, Auburn, 0.23 Fluid Ounce - REVIEW

  • Previously I was able to purchase this item locally.I have gone to every store in my area and they no longer carry this brand.This is by far the best product I have ever used for my brows.The color and coverage is by far the best I have used.It was much pricier than I had paid before but I still think it’s worth it.My brows have a lot of white hair now.The powders do not adequately cover the white areas.Other brands are too clumpy and don’t look natural.I really love this brand!
  • I've used this product for years and have tried numerous cheaper brands and always end up disappointed! So, I'm back, to stay! My eyebrows are virtually invisible without anything and this product is so easy and effortless to apply and stays on all day, wiping off with a wipe! I'll never switch again!!
  • Redheads if you need an affordable eyebrow mascara that actually is red/orange toned, this is the one. This color is called auburn but I would say it’s ginger. Auburn shades tend to be more brown leaning while this color is definitely orange leaning. I was gifted my first bottle from a makeup artist who said it was perfect for my hair color. I used the same bottle for years. The only downside is it doesn’t last through any accidental rub on the brows or if water comes into contact with it. It easily can be taken off at the end of the day. I hope this color doesn’t get discontinued because I haven’t found another that I’ve liked. Hope this helps my fellow gingers
  • I ordered this over time and was very pleased with the color.Then the color was changed to a gray-brown.I I didn't order this for over a year.Then decided to try again.The color is correct now.
  • This is the best eyebrow makeup that I’ve had, compared to anything else. I love that it has the right color for my auburn hair, and it’s almost easier to get on and takeoff. I will buy it again.
  • I love this and have used it for a few years. I'm a redhead, and my brows are almost white. This color matches great and stays put all day long, but it's easy to remove with eye makeup remover. I can't find this in stores, so I'm relieved to have found it here!
  • Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Drama Tinted Gel Mousse, Auburn, 0.23 Fluid OunceFor medium blondes that are more red than ash, this is a wonderful colour.It's more red than the mud brown usually described as blonde, but doesn't overwhelm with deep red tones.It applies easily and gives volume to thin eyebrow hairs.Will purchase again.
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  • Gel mousse plus ball brush
  • The bolder brow
  • Sculpts and tints brows in one easy step
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