Eternal Automatic Water Resistant Eyebrow Liner with Shaping Comb – Long Lasting, Professional and High Precision Brow Definer with No Sharpening, Retractable Twist Up Mechanism (Deep Brown) - REVIEW

  • nice eyebrow pencil,smooth and lasts !light brown is more like a "blond"which is perfect for me !!!
  • Perfect product for defining and filling in my brows to make them look beautiful and natural.This eyebrow pen liner is a beautiful shade of light brown, with a matte finish, which I chose during the ordering process. I wanted a product that would make my brows look like they use to.It added just the right amount of color to match my natural brow shade, they actually look much fuller and have a natural defined brow shape like I had in my earlier years, before over plunking!The retractable twist-up mechanism is such a desirable feature to have in any cosmetic because there is no sharpening required, it doesn't get dull and there's NO wooden chips to worry about.The liner glides smoothly and softly with no pulling or dragging. I hate when that happens too! When I wanted to obtain different shades of color throughout my brows, I just had to gently apply less or more pressure when applying. This allowed me to blend my brow hair shades the colors I wanted them to be, for a more natural appearance.Another fantastic and innovative feature of this product is the small comb, on the end of the liners tube, that's detachable. This product actually took the place of two of my other brow products. That's a win win for me! This comb allowed me to soften and smooth my brows to perfection , shortly after application, before the liner had completely dried and set.I never delt with it smudging, during application or when wearing. I love this feature because there's nothing worse than fixing to walk away from my mirror, with my full face on, and notice my brows have smudged before they were dry.This is a water resistant brow liner, which I desire, because it last longer and it does not run and it's not easily smudged if I perspire or it rains. It definitely holds up in the humid weather I have in my town.All in all this Eternal Automatic, Water Resistant, Eyebrow Liner with Shaping Comb is a beauty product that I personally love. There's nothing I would change about it either.I definitely recommend this product for even those with sensitive skin. It is a wax based liner that contains no mineral oil, paraffin or animal derived ingredients. It has even been dermatologist tested and approved, which is an important factor to consider when using any beauty products.
  • I like this eyebrow filler but I wish it lasted longer. It's very smooth and easy to apply. I like the comb for blending and giving an authentic hair look. I also like the color as it seems to really match what I expected. The twist to extend and retract is great and keeps the pencil pointy at all times. I didn't have any irritation from this either. I'm pretty happy with it overall and would buy it again.
  • I am thrilled with how well this eyebrow set works! I have just started playing with my eyebrows and this makes it quick and easy! The crayon is easy to spread the color and a little goes a long ways, plus with the comb gives you professional results in minutes! Thank you for a great product!
  • Worked perfectly for filling in my over plucked brows, I don’t think you can even tell that they are filled in based on the photos. The color was a little darker then I needed but that was more my fault for selecting it in that color. I was worried the lighter color would be to light though. I’m happy enough though and will continue to use it and then when I repurchase I might consider a color change. I got pretty sweaty while making TikTok videos too and it didn’t run or wipe off it I touched my brows. Came off easy enough with makeup wipes though when it was time to wash all the makeup off.
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  • A PRECISE TIP FOR THE RIGHT COVERAGE: Our automatic brow liner is ideal for defining and filling brows with precision and the right amount of color, making your brows look fuller. Our brow liner goes on easily and softly, allowing you to obtain different shades of color by gently applying less or more pressure
  • SMUDGE PROOF – LONGWEAR – WATER RESISTANT: Our mechanical brow pencil stays in place, building beautifully your brows and defying everything from sweat to humidity. It goes on flawless for a softly, long-lasting and defined natural-looking brow. Easy to blend: You can soften and smooth the brow shortly after application with the included comb. Our twist up pencil brow liner will become your new favorite!
  • VERY EASY TO USE – NOTHING TO SHARPEN: With an advanced and easy to maneuver self-sharpening tip that keeps the liner pointed at the end, our mechanical pencil is fast to apply and will expose only a bit of color at the tip, giving you more control and protecting the formula from drying out. With our automatic brow liner, you won´t need to carry around a sharpener ever again!
  • MATTE FORMULA – IDEAL FOR OUTLINING AND FILLING BROWS IN NO TIME: Our matte brow pencil is not bluntly obvious and provides the perfect mix of stiffness and softness. It is so easy to use; you will be able to include it in your normal routine without having to sit in front of the mirror all morning!
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: Wax based, contains no mineral oil, paraffin or animal derived ingredients. Dermatologist tested and approved. Product meets US, European & Japanese regulations. Not tested on animals. To maintain product quality, do not store in heat or direct sunlight. Tightly fit the protector cap to prevent evaporation
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