Maydear 12 colors UV Colorful Liquid Eyeliner Set,Waterproof and Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner,Ultra-Thin, Smooth without Split Ends - REVIEW

  • These are nice color liners. They are bright glowing colors. They usually last but if it doesn't then I will just re apply some then I am fine.
  • Very bright colors and easy to apply. Great special effect with light and last a long time.
  • These waterproof UV reactive eyeliners are so cool! They can be used for more than just eyeliner, you can create works of art on your face and body that illuminate under ultraviolet light. There is a wide range of colors and the applicator wands have precision brushes that apply the product flawlessly. I tested these out on my hand and wrist because I wanted to see how durable the product was. After 8 hours and washing my hands many times with soap, the designs were still remarkably close to the originals. What’s more, they were still UV reactive as well. I was honestly dumbfounded by this, usually waterproof products miss the mark but these eyeliners are legit. When I decided to remove, I simply rubbed gently with a makeup removing wipe. I can’t say enough about this product, it absolutely surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone going to a concert or festival. These would also work beautifully for Halloween face paint or any type of face or body paint needs. It also would just be fun for a makeup enthusiast. I hope this review has been helpful!
  • These eyeliners have bright neon colors. The applicator brush is thin and pointed so it can draw more detailed, good for eyeliner or face painting. The eyeliners really do glow under a blacklight (as shown in my photos). These are fun for playing around with costumes or festival-wear. Once they are applied they don't smudge when I rub my fingers over the paint.
  • I got this set for my adult kids who are going to a music festival this summer. The colors are super vivid and easy to apply, but what got them going more than anything was the face art they could do with it for nighttime. Face jewelry? Check. Glitter shadow/liner? Check. And now they’re hooked up with what I’d call Thin Line UV Face Paint. If they have any issues with it, I do come back and update my reviews.It should also be fun for nightclubs, Pride month events or anyplace bright colors are welcomed.Enjoy!
  • My wife enjoys using makeup and wearing different colors and palettes with different outfits.When I saw these 12 colorful liquid eyeliners set from Maydear I knew she would like using them.She says that the 12 different colors really work well with her other makeup and she loves how easy it is to match them up.She likes how easy it is to apply the liquid eyeliner and how quickly it sets.She likes that it doesn't smudge and stays looking fresh throughout the day.She also found out when swimming recently that it is in fact waterproof because it stayed on after a dip in the pool.Overall, she really likes these 12 colorful liquid eyeliners set from Maydear and highly recommends it.5 out of 5 stars.
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  • Includes 12 colors of matte eyeliner, long-lasting, waterproof, non-blooming, high color rendering. Colors stay all day wear perfect.
  • Easy to use & Clean: fine brush head, safe formula, moisturizing texture, easy and smooth coloring, creating delicate eye makeup. To clean, apply the makeup remover for one minute to easily remove the eyeliner, quickly clean without worrying about pigmentation.
  • Very suitable for birthday parties, dance parties, performances, wedding makeup, so that you can be an eye-catching person on any occasion.
  • Best gift: exquisite packaging will be the perfect gift, very suitable for giving to your lover, family and friends on Valentine's Day, birthday and other days of expressing love.
  • If you have questions about our products or the application, please contact us directly, and we will reply to you within 24 hours!
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