1 pcs Makeup Eyebrow Enhancer 12H Long Lasting Sweat &Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Pen Dark Brown Eye Brow Pencil 5 Colors to Choose (4# Grey) - REVIEW

  • I have always had trouble finding the right brow pencil. I pencil in my eye brows a lot and I find that this brow pencil does a very good job. I am happy with this product. I have purchased it several times. As compared to store bought brands this eye brow pencil works much much better. I highly recommend it.
  • get it fr. i don’t regret it. my bros look bomb. I have bleach blond eyebrows so i always draw my brows on.
  • Perfect grey color for my eyebrows!Plus it’s long eyebrow pencil with brush on the other side.Can’t beat the price and quality.
  • I was worried about the brush on the end for smudging, but it actually works better than a sponge. The pencil is not too soft, either; it’s just right. (When they are too soft you have to sharpen it frequently; when they are too hard you have to use mpre pressure, and it looks unnatural.)
  • This is the only eyebrow pencil I've found that has the right shade of dark brown without any gold, orange, or brassy in it.This dark brown is a "cool" brown, which is necessary for my "color group" of "winter."Others make my face look sallow.BE AWARE that you need to use it very gently and sharpen very gently with a sharp pencil sharpener (by hand, no mechanical pencil sharpener!).I have VERY little eyebrows left and very much prefer something natural looking - not the big swath of brow color so many use nowadays.So I take the time to gently stroke each area a few times to get the imitation of brow hairs.I do NOT use the brush on the other end of the eyebrow pencil - when I tried it, the result was that large swath of color.If you want that, you don't need to keep the pencil very sharp.But if you want to gently use a sharp pencil, CAREFULLY sharpen just enough to get the point.USING MY METHOD THE PENCIL LASTED A YEAR AND 4 MONTHS, even using it every day.
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  • Quantity 1pcs grey eyebrow pencil
  • Soft Brow Look.Subtle, blended brow effect
  • Precise Tip Crayon + Soft Brush
  • Long lasting and waterproof. brand new and high quality professional makeup tool.
  • It is made for every woman and her dynamic modern life. Long lasting and waterproof.
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