Mehron Makeup Liquid Latex | SFX Makeup | Halloween Latex Makeup | Latex Glue for Skin | Prosthetic Glue 1 fl oz (30 ml) (Clear Flesh) - REVIEW

  • This company never disappoints me!!! I was hesitant to use liquid latex but they made it super easy to use!!
  • This was my first time working with liquid latex - I found it easily applied and was pretty intuitive to use. I used this product both to create prosthetics and also attach the prosthetics horns to me head in the photo I attached to this review.Very maleable and good for making fleshy prosthetics, though if you're expecting something smooth like the person asking about latex pasties in the questions, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for that.It's an affordable price, though the bottle was smaller than I expected. I barely used much of it anyway though - a little goes a long way.Overall, would recommend. Definitely gets the job done.
  • Don't be afraid to use this product. It adheres well but it's gentle. I'm sure it's not recommended to put it on the delicate skin under your eyes but I tried it and even there it peeled off easily and didn't hurt one bit. If you're still concerned you can lightly apply some petroleum jelly to your skin before the latex and that makes removal even more of a breeze.
  • Used this to make latex bases for some syringes to glue to me. Clear version dries mostly clear and blends in with my skin that way.
  • My father has a nose prosthetic ( skin cancer)and this glue holds up very well. We go through them a lot because he likes to over load the glue on it. But a little does go a long way if you use it right.
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  • PROFESSIONAL: Mehron's Liquid Latex is a professional, vegan formula that can be used as an adhesive to attach appliances to the skin, to seal wax, or to create textured effects like aged or peeling skin. True professional grade, trusted by Hollywood and Broadway pros since 1927.
  • USE FOR 3D EFFECTS: To create 3D effects or textured skin, mix Liquid Latex with materials such as cotton or tissue before application. Liquid Latex can also be used as a glue adhesive for prosthetics and other appliances.
  • HOW TO APPLY: To achieve a scar or wrinkle effect, build up thin layers of Liquid Latex, powdering between each layer. To achieve a zombie look, layer Liquid Latex mixed with cotton or tissue to achieve a textured decaying look, allowing each layer to dry in between. Finish the look off by coloring the wound with paint, such as Mehron’s ProColoRing Bruise Wheel, and a bit of Stage Blood! Patch test recommended before use.
  • REMOVAL: When removing Liquid Latex, use Mehron Makeup Remover or warm water to soften edges, avoiding contact with hair and clothes, and follow with soap and water.
  • ABOUT MEHRON: For over 95 years, Mehron has been an industry-leading, professional makeup company with a passion for inspiring creativity. Mehron’s award-winning cosmetics and special FX products are used in most stage and film performances in Hollywood, on Broadway, and by artists across the globe. Mehron has been trusted by professionals since 1927 for having the highest safety, performance, and quality standards. Mehron products are made in the USA & always cruelty-free.
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