LLBA Professional Eyelash Coating Sealant 10ml - Protective Topcoat for Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions | Keep Natural Lashes Healthy, Strong, Soft & Silky Lash Extensions - REVIEW

  • She uses it with her lashes all the time. She hasn't had any issues so far. I'm not sure what price ranges are on these kinds of products but I feel like I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase this. Especially at $20.
  • I don’t get that Wow feeling. It’s nice on your lashes easy to apply and the have been staying on longer.
  • I really liked this sealant. It has a watery consistency which I did not expect, but it works as it should and allows me to wear my lash extensions without worrying that they may become unglued. The only issue is that it's quite pricey in my opinion.
  • I got my installed a week before Thanksgiving and they are still going strong (Dec 13).
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  • PROTECT YOUR LASHES: Our Pro Coating Sealant is specifically formulated to improve the longevity of your client's lashes. It will add protection against dust, oils, and products that may break down adhesives. Your clients will love this retail product as it adds longevity to their fill time.
  • ADHESIVE EXTENSION: It extends the life of the adhesive, locking the extension in place for a longer period of time (ideal for keeping your lash line looking its best between your biweekly refill appointments).
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: our coating sealant is built out of natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel leaf extract and hydrolyzed collagens that keep your clients’ lashes and brows away from harmful effects of free radicals and give an anti-wrinkle effect.
  • EYELASH GROWTH: our pro coating sealant is enriched with essential B vitamins (panthenol) and essential acids (sodiu), all have been proven to promote eyelash growth.
  • EXTRA MOISTURE PROTECTION: Ideally, your clients need to use the sealants year-round. This extra layer of protection is also ideal when their lashes are exposed to extra moisture like: high humidity, sweat (from exercise or an active lifestyle), swimming, oily skin
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