Mehron Makeup Squirt Blood (.5 ounce) (Bright Arterial) - REVIEW

  • Perfect consistency and color. I used it for a mock car accident and used a bit of this as well as the bright red and it looked great!
  • Worked for an excellent April Fool’s trick.Looked realistic.Was very happy with product.As you might guess, it does stain skin and what it touches, so keep that in mind for where you put it.
  • The application was difficult as it has a hole-spout. So you can drip it on but for a more realistic effect I wish it was more a squirt bottle type. It did stain clothes so be careful. On skin it was easy to wash off, it does dry but it doesn't get flaky (a little peely) it did stain my skin a bit but only for a couple hrs, after a couple washes it came off
  • I love how realistic this blood was and how it didn’t immediately dry out upon smearing it onto myself!
  • Blood is very drippy and doesn't dry once on skin, so be careful! It does wash out of fabrics, but we noticed that it stains your skin if you leave it on for more than an hour. Color was great and we had fun playing with it-- just had to be extremely careful with the dripping.
  • lol i hate staining and this stays forever!!!! but was good use for my teens halloween outfit
  • I was Carrie for for Halloween so I used it on my face and on a white dress. I washed the dress and it surprisingly came out all white again! I was shocked. But when I used it on my face and body, overtime it started to cripple and fall off. Faster on my face, maybe because of the makeup but I had to reapply through the night but super easy to rub offAND IT DID NOT STAIN MY SKIN
  • Do not get it on acrylic, it stains pink. Otherwise this is a wonderful makeup and looks real
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  • The most realistic fake blood! Used by makeup professionals for stage and screen.
  • A water-based formula that squirts, gushes, and splatters. Squirt Blood will drip and run like real blood.
  • Overtime blood will dry, darken, crust up, and crack just like real blood for the most realistic FX!
  • Step up your next Halloween costume, SFX Makeup, Cosplay, Zombie makeup and more!
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Proudly Made in the USA Since 1927
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