Ardell LashTite Adhesive 3/4oz Dark - REVIEW

  • So my skin care routine involves a lot of oil (facial oil and castor oil). i didnt think it was true that this was heavy duty, but it works so good! Ive had my lashes for about a week with consist use of my facial oil and castor oil, not one budge. all the clusters were still intact and did not fall. Even after nice warm shower, my lashes did not show any since of the glue weakening to the point where it falls off. I even used my facial oil to clean my lashes! So with that being said, it is a bitch to remove so u gotta get the ardell remover, but it’s nice to know that i dont have to be super careful with my lashes compared to normal lash extensions.
  • I use this to apply lash extensions underneath my natural lashes and it makes them around or over two weeks.
  • It works well for me & I’ve used it for years.I tried it for my friend & her eyes watered so much she had to remove the lashes. Would recommend this product unless you have sensitive eyes there is a different hypoallergenic glue you can purchase.
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  • 3/4 oz. Bottle
  • Color: Dark
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