Lash Overnighter for Lash Clusters Lash Seal DIY Lash Extension Overnight Sealer Extend Lash Wear Up to 14 Days Long Lasting Waterproof Oilproof 7ml Black Sealer - REVIEW

  • This removed all the tacky eyelash glue out of my lashes without me having to pick anything out, it also comes with reusable pads which I loved
  • This is my second time purchasing these lashes. They are beautiful. Very easy to use, great quality, and looks stunning. Will be purchasing more! Very affordable and great value! Thank you Pro Lash!!!
  • Here’s the shirt and sweet. I’ve been wearing false lashes for two decades. I’ve tried it all. These are great but I don’t really have much to work with so at the end of the day they fell out. These false lashes adhere to your real lashes and in the case that your lashes are long full the lashes will come off. I recommend this for people who actually have a decent amount of real lashes….not for people like me. It’s very easy to apply and feels comfortable.
  • beautiful effect on the eyes, very simple to apply even if you have never put them on (I applied them in 10 minutes) very good price, no discomfort on the eyes.
  • I loved the pro lashes they were so easy to apply as a first time user. The glue also really stuck on and was so easy to remove using the remover and even left my lashes not feeling sticky like other glues. It also comes with little lash brushes that are so easy to use to keep the lashes looking good.
  • Update: They made it through the night (yay!) I do only sleep on my side. But I brushed them out with the spoolie and one of them came off. I can tell these will not last 5-7 days like I’ve been told from TikTok but I’d say at least 2 days. Truly these are so easy to put on I don’t care if I have to apply every 2 days because I want them to help me feel more ready in the morning.I saw this exact kit on TikTok and after contemplating for months to try this technique, I decided to try it because this kit is such a good price. I was able to complete both eyes in 20 minutes! I mapped 8,10,12,10,8 and that worked out great for my very small eyes and they don’t touch my glasses. This kit is so customizable. I highly recommend!!
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  • Black seal: Seal your lashes with nutrition, PRO Overnight Sealer could lock your cluster lash set to keep it away from dirt,oil and dust.
  • Super strong hold: PRO Overnight Sealer is water-proof and oil-proof, so you don't have to worry about showering, and it can make your false eyelashes super long lasting for more than 14 days.
  • Easy to use: First, glue the cluster lashes to the root of the natural lashes, then brush the Seal on the root of the lashes to seal the layer.Moreover, it is easy to remove, there will be no residue.
  • DIY at home:This Black Seal is suitable for cluster lashes and can be applied at home by yourself without seeking the help of a professional technician.
  • Guarantee & After Sales Service:If there's anything we can help you with please message us and we will give your quick response and solutions. Thank you for shopping with us!
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