Eyebrow Styling Wax Soap Kit Brow Freeze Pomade Organic Makeup Gel - 1.70 OZ /50 ML - REVIEW

  • love this product but with the pigment wasn’t a red color, it leaves my brows looking red/pink since i need quite a bit to keep my brows down …. if it was a clear or even yellow tone it would be much better.
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  • PNKRE Eyebrow shaper is specially formulated for eyebrows, while keeping your eyebrows in shape until the next wash and nourishing your eyebrows. PNKRE for perfect make-up, impressive and regular brow freeze all day long.
  • Using the eyebrow shaper, you can adjust the distance between your eyebrows and eyes and create a lifting effect. You can give any shape you want without leaving residue on your eyebrows. It does not give color.
  • Eyebrow Soap is a net fixation product that adds thickness, volume and texture when applied over the natural eyebrow. This product is made from materials that are mild and non-irritating. All-natural and organic formula designed specifically for eyebrows. It is free of fragrances, colors, and lathering ingredients, so it won't lather, cause irritation or leave unwanted residue on your brows.
  • Usage: Shape dry and clean eyebrows with a stiff brush. It needs to be applied before pencils and foundation or moisturizing creams. After applying, you can complete your makeup by waiting for it to dry a little.
  • 100% original product. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. It should be rinsed in the evening before going to bed. It is not medicine. Keep away from children!
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