LANKIZ Lash Bond and Seal, Eye Lash Glue, Cluster Lash Glue, Individual Lash Glue for DIY Lash Extension, Individual Lash Clusters, False Strip Lashes, Super Hold 48 Hours Overnight Adhesive - REVIEW

  • I loved most of the products in this kit besides the lashes and the bonding glue. The glue and the lashes aren't the best quality and the lashes aren't my style . But honestly I mostly baught this kit for the lash cleaning/prepping products (which I LOVE) so I'm satisfied !!
  • This is so good . You will not regret .2nd best if u can’t find that lash glue that the techs have .
  • These are great for every day when you don’t want to go full glam. The lashes are good quality and easy to apply!
  • I love these. They are so natural looking. They are easy to apply and remove. They do not damage your natural lashes
  • These cluster lashes are1. Space saving2. Customizable3. Comes in multiple lengths for styling4. Reusable5. Light and fluffyI love these!They don't take up space like the tray lashes. They are more professional and ready to use, as they are not glued to a tray.There are just so many of them in this tray too!Perfect lashes every time!
  • I like this packaging, very handy. I didn't read the description carefully and I did not understand what is D curl before I got them. So they were more curler than the normal one I use, they look more dramatic but very pretty.
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  • ❋ Double-Ended Design: The 3rd 2 IN 1 BOND AND SEAL eyelash glue features a double-ended design with a spiral mini mascara brush head on the BOND side for even and easy application, and a SEAL side that forms a protective layer and improves adhesion for longer retention.
  • ❋ Super Strong Hold: This cluster lash glue offers a 48-hour super strong hold and is suitable for DIY lash extensions, individual lashes, cluster lashes, and false strip lashes. The glue blends in effectively with your natural lashes for a more natural and seamless look.
  • ❋ Three Easy Steps: Achieve the perfect lash look in just three easy steps. First, brush a thin layer of BOND under your natural lashes. Second, place cluster lashes under your natural lashes. Third, apply a light coat of SEAL under the lashes at the base to seal them in place. (TIPS: curl up your natural lashes before applying DIY lashes )
  • ❋ Safe and Gentle Formula: LANKIZ eyelash bond and seal are odorless, non-irritating, and suitable for sensitive eyes. The glue is latex-free, cruelty-free, and does not damage your natural lashes or irritate your eyes. The sealer contains vitamin E to lock your lash extension into place for comfortable wear.
  • ❋ Easy Removal: Removing the eyelash cluster glue is easy. Saturate a cotton pad with oil lash glue remover, apply it to the lash band for about 30 seconds, and gently wipe off the cluster lashes and individual lash glue. Use a cotton swab to remove any residue on the lashes for future reuse.
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